Creative ideas to upcycle your old gift boxes

Around Christmas time, we can end up with lots of excess packaging from gifts and gift sets. Yes, I am also guilty of hanging onto a pretty gift box in the hope of reusing it. Let me share two projects that I hope will inspire you to upcycle your favourite gift boxes into something new. 

Earlier in December, I teamed up with L’occitane to share ways to upcycle their gift boxes and packaging into something new.

I put together a YouTube video which you can find here. However, take these ideas and techniques and use them on any gift box.

*This post contains affiliate links, the projects were also part of a sponsored campaign on social media with L’occitane.

upcycle gift box. Floral jewellery box.

DIY jewellery box from an advent calendar 

I love a beauty advent calendar, and for this project, I turned this box into a mini jewellery box. This advent calendar had deep drawers, perfect for storing bracelets, rings and general nick-nacks. 

Here is what I used to make my mini jewellery box

L'occitane advent calendar.
Painted gift box.
upcycle gift box. Floral jewellery box.

I painted the outside of m jewellery box in white chalk paint and gave it two coats. Once my paint was fully dry, I cut out and applied the furniture transfers to the surface.

I had these furniture decals leftover from this project. They are more suited for applying to wood and stiffer surfaces, but I did manage to get them to stick to the painted cardboard. 

ReDesign by Prima furniture transfers.

Once my jewellery box had a floral fix, I used my glue gun to apply the knobs to the drawers. I feel like these vintage style handles make it look less like an upcycled cardboard box and more like it was always a jewellery box.

To give it some height, I glued four small wooden knobs to the four corners of the base of the box. However, this is an optional step, as I just had some extra knobs in my stash and decided to use them.

DIY jewellery box. Mini jewellery box handles and knobs.
upcycle gift box. Floral jewellery box.
upcycle gift box. Floral jewellery box.
upcycle gift box. Floral jewellery box.

DIY fabric-lined round wooden storage box

I love the trend of adding wooden coffee sticks/skewers to boxes to turn them into pretty wooden storage boxes. So, I decided to try it but add my twist to it. 

To make this DIY round wooden storage box, you will need:

A loccitane round gift box. Wooden diy supplies and hand saw.
Cut wood trim.

I started by measuring the height of the box. Then I marked out the length on the wood trim and cut lots of pieces to go around the width. I lightly sanded any rough edges with some medium grit sandpaper.

Using my glue gun, I glued each stick to the wall of the box. You can use coffee sticks or skewers, but I find the smaller pieces of wood fiddly to use.

Adding wood trim to an upcycled gift box.

I decided to line the inside of my box with fabric. To make a fabric liner, measure the width and height and cut a strip of material for the sides. Trace around the base and cut a circle of fabric for the bottom. Add an extra half an inch for seam allowance.

It’s hard for me to explain how to assemble the liner, but here is a quick video sharing how I made the liner. Skip ahead to 05:03.

Once your liner is complete, you can add it to the inside and pull over the excess fabric. 

DIY fabric liner for a gift box.
DIY stitched fabric liner for box.
upcycled round gift box with wood detail.
upcycled gift box.

Check out these upcycle gift boxes that I turned into floral bouquet boxes. 

Whether you have a pretty gift box that you can’t part with, or you want to have a shot at upcycling a gift box, I hope this post has given you some inspiration.

Like I always say, take the idea and make it your own. Thanks for reading, Chat soon, Catherine.


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