Easy sew drawstring bag | Video Tutorial

If you are new to sewing and want an easy project to try, then this easy sew drawstring bag is perfect for you. Also, I have put together a video, that will give you a step by step guide on creating your bag.

The great thing about this easy sewing project is that you can use scrap fabric or recycled fabric. You can customise this DIY to suit you, and you can adjust the length and width of your fabric to create a drawstring pouch in different sizes. 

Easy Sew Drawstring bag.

How to sew a drawstring bag

Catch the full video below, and do let me know if you have a shot at making these drawstring bags. They are perfect for storing your make up. You can also use them as travel pouches or even for your lunch for work. Have fun getting creative and making these drawstring bags.

You will see in the video I created my bag to use as a gift bag for my book. I wanted to sew a pretty bag to gift my book to my friends and family. 

Also, I used some scrap floral fabric from the stash to make my bags. I also used a faux leather strip of fabric to make the drawstring part of my pouch. 

Make sure to make a large enough tunnel for pulling your string of choice through the tunnel. You will see how I made this in the video above. 

Don’t worry if you do not have any fancy string to use as your drawstring, as some wool or jute string would work perfectly. If you are new to sewing and don’t have a lot of fabric, then why not use an old piece of clothing for this DIY. As this is a great way to transform something old into something new, and you can recycle your old clothing item.

Easy sew project. Floral fabric and sewing supplies.

Measurements for my bookbag

Drawstring bag measurements: 30 cm X 35 cm, including seam allowance

You will need to cut two pieces of fabric with the measurements above and have some chords to use for your drawstring. 

Easy Sew drawstring bag.
Floral bag.
Easy sew drawstring bag.

Want more easy-sew videos?

If you want to try more sewing projects, check out my sewing playlist on YouTube, it is jam-packed with easy sewing projects, perfect for using scraps and beginner-friendly. Click here for more sewing videos. 

Let me know if you have a go at making these pouches, and tag me in your makes over on Instagram. Have fun sewing!

Also, I have more sewing projects in my new book, and you can shop for the book here. 

Thanks for reading, Happy sewing, Catherine.



  1. daintydressdiaries
    June 7, 2022 / 8:14 am

    Aw thank you Shannon, yes I uploaded a shorter version to my site directly, it is on youtube as well but in a longer video. x

  2. shannon
    June 6, 2022 / 9:11 pm

    Super cute. Congrats on the new authorship! I looked to click through and watch this on YT. Is it not a YT video but created somewhere else?

  3. daintydressdiaries
    May 30, 2022 / 10:10 pm

    Thanks Gail, so easy to make x

  4. Gail Friend
    May 30, 2022 / 7:48 pm

    I love you made these bags for your book. Such a cute way to gift them💝🙂

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