How to make a pencil case

As we are now half-way through August, I thought would do a back to school DIY and share how to make a pencil case in this week’sYoutube video. I have two types of zipper pouches in today’s post. I thought these would make really nice pencil cases but you can also use these for makeup bags. You can also customize the size of these to suit your needs by simply adjusting the measurements. I know that heading back to school is a massive cost on families. Now, I know making a pencil case might not save you a ton of money but every little helps, you can also get the kids involved and this could be a fun afternoon project. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to say that you made somethign from scratch.

How to make a pencil case

All of the details on how to make these pouches is within the video, which I have below. I am going to leave the measurements below for the three pouches. Also, take your time when cutting your fabric as cutting is just as important as your machine work. You can also trim as you go and I always recommend  using your iron to get that polished finish.

  • The 1st pouch measures –13 inches wide and 9 inches in length, when boxing the corners I measure 1 inch from the point. I used a 14-inch zip and trimmed to size.
  • The 2nd pouch measures – 10 inches in width and 5 inches in length and I used a 10-inch zipper.
  • The larger box pouch in the clips measures –13 inches in width and 18 inches in length. When boxing the corners I measure 2 inches from the point. I used a 14-inch zipper and trimmed to size.

If you want to make a larger pouch then simply extend the length and width of your pattern. If you extend the width then make sure to use a longer zip. So, for example, if you make a pouch 15″ wide then make sure to use a zipper that is 15″ or bigger. You can shorten a zipper but you can’t make it longer lol!

Pencil case DIY DIY box pouch

How to make a pencil case

If you enjoyed this post then you might enjoy this older post where I recycled an old Cath Kidston skirt and transformed it into some basic zipper pouches. You can read that post here. I also have a sewing playlist on my Youtube channel where you can find more sewing videos, you can catch them here. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video. Please also share this video with someone else who may find it helpful. If you do have a go at making these then you can use the #doingadainty on Instagram so I can keep up to date with what you guys are making.

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