How to install beadboard panelling to a room

I love how timeless and classic wood panelling is in the home. I decided to tackle my guest bedroom, and in this post, I am sharing how to install beadboard panelling in a room. 

My guest bedroom has been gathering clutter since I switched the room with my old office. So, I decided to start redecorating the room to make it more inviting. I watched a load of “how to apply panelling” videos on Youtube. Using tongue and groove beadboard panelling packs, I created a classic cottage style in my guest room.

I love the effect it gives and how it makes the room look more expensive. It adds texture to the room and character. My home isn’t an old home, so it lacks character, and I love experimenting and find ways to add some. 

How to install headboard panelling

Where To Get The Wood Beadboard Panels

I cheated a little and purchased packets of tongue and groove panelling. I got these in my local Woodies, they don’t have them on their website, but they do have them in-store.

Each packet covers approx 1.5 metres, and I used eight packs in my bedroom. I also purchased the top dado rail from Woodies, this came in a strip that was roughly 2.5 metres, and I used 4 of these.

Also, I didn’t buy any skirting as I reused the skirting board that was already in the room. I started panelling in the corner and made sure to line up my first piece to the wall. Using a spirit level, I made sure everything was straight and level.

I used a bead of glue on the back of each panel. I also used my nail gun to secure the panels to the wall and nailed in roughly every metre. To secure the panels to the wall, I recommend using both glue and your nail gun.

To get a professional finish, I used some of the glue to fill and of the gaps and also fill in the holes left from the nail gun. It took me and my brother the whole day to complete the panelling.

headboard wood panels
How to install beadboard panelling to a room
How to install headboard panels

How To Paint The Wood Wall Panelling

As the wood was pine, I made sure to apply a coat of stain-blocking primer. It is important to use a stain blocker on knotty pine as the oil from the wood can bleed through over time.

I used a roller to apply my paint and a small brush to get in between any grooves. I used the colour ” Spring Tide” by Colortrend in a satin finish to apply some colour. I applied two coats of this and allowed it to fully dry. I spend another day painting, it took me the whole weekend to complete this project, but it was so worth it.

Panelling can be expensive, but I do think you can do it yourself. Once you plan the space, measure and take your time. My brother also helped me to install the panelling, and it was nice to have someone on hand to help.

Colortrend Prime 2
How to install beadboard panelling to a room
How to install beadboard panelling to a room

How Much Did It Cost To Do The DIY Wall Panelling?

I came in under €300 for this project including the paint and materials. I am going to tackle some other areas of the house and experiment with different styles of panelling. Let me know if you plan to do this. 

You can watch my YouTube video below to see more images of the room. I have a few more bits to do to my guest bedroom before it is complete but I am having fun taking my time to style it.

Beadboard Panelling DIY! One Year Later

One thing I noticed about the wood panelling, was that the wood expanded in some areas. This is quite common with wood, and a way to prevent this is to leave the wood panels sitting in the room for a few days before using them.

A few months after I just did a touch up to the paint. I had some of the Colourtrend paint left over, and I went over the areas of wood that had expanded.

Overall I am so pleased with the result and how it has lasted so far. I love how the wood panelling has added character and colour to the room. Let me know if you do any DIY wood panelling in your home, and please share your tips in the comments below.
Thanks for reading, Catherine.



  1. Debra Ingle
    April 16, 2021 / 4:37 pm

    I am so wanting to do my 48 inch walls in my seeing building instead of sheet rock but find it is really expensive

  2. Tricia
    March 4, 2020 / 10:32 pm

    Love the paneling Catherine! It does give a cottage vibe too. Clever you and your brother!

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