DIY Faux Built In Storage Wall, Ikea Hemnes And Kallax Hack

In this post, I will share how I created a DIY faux built-in storage wall. I used an Ikea Hemnes sideboard and an Ikea Kallax cube to make this DIY built-in for my office. Creating this storage wall was a cost-effective way to add more storage to my office. Also, I will be using Benjamin Moore paint to give it a professional finish.

I was lucky and got a free second-hand Ikea Hemnes unit. The Hemnes unit needed some TLC, but overall the piece was in good condition and only needed minor repairs. 

You can see how I created this Ikea faux built-in storage wall in the YouTube video below, and I will share more images and details on this project below. 

*This post contains a sponsored YouTube video by Benjamin Moore paints

DIY Ikea built in hack

Stacking The Hemnes Sideboard And Kallax Cubes

Before I stacked the Kallax unit on top of the Hemnes sideboard, I measured my wall. I needed to make sure I had enough clearance on top to stack the two pieces of furniture. When I measured my wall, I had a 5cm clearance on top, this was quite tight, but it worked. 

I assembled my wall first before prepping it for paint and panelling. Before I could stack my units, I had to remove all my craft supplies from my existing Kallax units. Clearing out my craft supplies from the Kallax unit was messy. However, I needed to lift the Kallax unit and safely.  

 I had to get some help to lift the Kallax units on top of the Hemnes unit as they are heavy. Using brackets, I secured the wall unit to the wall behind it. The wall behind the storage unit is a concrete wall. Make sure to check for studs if you have a plasterboard wall. To avoid the risk of toppling and falling, ensure the Ikea units are secured to the wall. 

Ikea hack, Hemnes and kallax diy built in wall unit.
Thrifted Ikea Hemnes sideboard

How To Paint The DIY Built In Wall

If you would like a detailed post on how to paint Ikea furniture, click here. 

I had to do some prep on the second-hand Hemnes sideboard before painting it. The Hemnes sideboard had white satin paint on it. Thankfully it wasn’t chalk paint. So, I was able to follow my usual prep, prime and paint routine. 

Before sanding the piece smooth, I used a degreaser to clean the pieces of furniture. Degreaser will remove any build-up of dirt, wax and oils. A deep clean will leave you with a clean base that will help your paint adhere to the furniture. 

I used my electric sander to sand the Hemnes and the Kallax units. With the Hemnes unit, I wanted to smooth most of the old paint before painting over it. Once I was happy with the prep, I applied primer. 

Faux DIY built in wall unit.

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Paint

I used the INSL-X Waterborne primer to prime the Ikea pieces. This primer bonds to hard-to-coat surfaces. You can use this primer on tile, PVC and even glass. To learn more about the Benjamin Moore primers, click here. I applied one coat of primer to the whole built-in wall. 

When the primer was fully dry, I applied my topcoat. I used the Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint as my topcoat for the Ikea units. Click here for more information on the advance paint. 

The ADVANCE paint is designed especially for painting interior furniture pieces. It is perfect for painting cabinets and other furniture pieces in your home. I ordered too much of the topcoat, so a quarter can is loads for this project. I was impressed with the coverage of the paint.

I applied two coats of the Pale Oak topcoat to the piece. Make sure to allow for enough drying time between applications. This paint has great coverage. The advance range paint cures to a hard, furniture quality finish, so no need to apply varnish on top. Also, I love the Benjamin Moore shade “pale oak”, it is a rich colour and compliments my walls.

INSL-X Benjamin Moore Waterbone primer.
Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint in the shade Pale Oak.

Applying Wood Trim To Get The Faux Built In Wall Look

To get that built-in wall look, I used wood trim to make the DIY wall unit look more bespoke and expensive. I measure the width and depth of the Kallax. Using my mitre saw, I cut the pieces of wood trim to size. 

To fix the wood trim to the wall unit, I applied a bead of wood glue and then tacked it in place with my nail gun. To hide the holes created in the wood from the nail gun, I applied wood filler. 

Once I was happy with the pieces of wood trim, I applied two coats of Benjamin Moore ” Pale Oak”. By using wood trim, it made the whole unit look like a bespoke made to order unit. 

Ryobi Mitre saw for cutting wood trim.

The Gold Hardware

I was able to reuse the drawer pulls from the Kallax unit and some from the Hemnes unit. To make them all the one shade, I sprayed them with gold spray paint. I purchased some wooden knobs for the bottom of the Kallax unit. 

Once the gold spray paint was dry, I secured them back onto the wall unit using screws. I love how uniformed the handles now look. Also, I love how the gold shades pop against the Benjamin Moore Pale Oak shade. 

Spray painted gold hardware
Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.

Styling the DIY built in Storage wall 

I already had baskets from Ikea in my home. When I assembled my Ikea built-in wall, I had to rearrange the drawers. I decided to use the baskets for the top two rows, and I love how the baskets pop against the colour of the unit. 

I then had the not so fun but important task of storing my craft supplies. The Hemnes sideboard has deep drawers, making it perfect for storing paint cans. I was able to get all of my craft supplies back in, and I have free space. 

Ikea Wicker Baskets
DIY Faux Built in storage wall.
DIY office storage wall.
Benjamin Moore Pale Oak
Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint in pale oak.
Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint in Pale Oak.
DIY Built In Wall Unit.

I am thrilled with how this has turned out. Overall, it took me roughly three days to complete. It was well worth the effort, as I created a cheap built-in storage wall that looks expensive. Most importantly, it has given more organisation and storage.

Check out the YouTube video I created below. Please subscribe to my channel if you are new, and share this post with someone who would enjoy it. Thanks for reading, Catherine.


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  1. Keith Butler
    April 18, 2021 / 9:10 am

    Brilliant upcycle looks like a proper built in unit think your right a skirting would just finish it off

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