Bathroom update, How To Replace A Bath Panel!

A simple bathroom refresh  

In today’s post, I am sharing how to replace a bath panel, toilet seat and shower door seal. Have you got an ugly plastic side bath panel that needs to be replaced? I am sharing how I replaced my side bath panel some other small jobs in my bathroom.

A while ago, I have started to tackle some jobs in my downstairs bathroom. Bathrooms can be really expensive so I am tackling some jobs myself to save on costs. I still have some jobs left to do in the bathroom but I thought I would share what I have done so far.

A lot of the pieces in the bathroom are there from when I first moved in. I had an ugly broken plastic bath panel, a plastic toilet seat and some mouldy shower seals. Changing these have already made it look cleaner and I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the decorating. 

How to replace a plastic bath side panel

I had watched some videos on Youtube showing how to change a plastic bath panel, so I decided to try it myself. It took me over an hour to do, the most difficult part was cutting it to size.

I used my old bath panel as a template for my new bath panel. I got my new bath panel from the B&Q in Liffey Valley, and it is an MDF veneer finish.

Once I was happy with the measurements, I used a saw to cut it to size. I drilled the bottom board to the panel, but you can use an adhesive or sealant to glue this together. I then slotted it into place.

Replacing my bath panel was easier than I expected and definitely, a job that we ladies can tackle ourselves. I was surprised at how easy it was to pop out my old bath panel. Most of them easily slide out. 

  1. Remove your old broken bath side panel, check for and fixing and unscrew. 
  2. Use your old bath panel as a template to cut your new bath panel to size. You can use a hand saw, or a jigsaw to cut your bath panel. Lightly sand and rough areas before installing. Take your time when cutting a plastic bath panel.
  3. Slot in your new bath panel, attach any fixings. 
  4. If you want to get a seamless finish, you can caulk silicone sealer around any areas that meet the bath. Applying silicone is optional, I recommend caulking around any areas where water could leak. 
  5. Follow these same steps for replacing a wooden bath panel.

Changing my toilet seat

I was able to find a toilet seat in Argos that was a similar style to my bath panel. My old seat was plastic and the seal was pealing and it was generally just disgusting. Here is a link to a similar shaker style toilet seat.

No matter how many times I cleaned it, it was still grubby looking. Changing toilet seats is really simple. Just unscrew the fixings underneath and lift it off.

You can then add your new seat and just follow the fixing instructions that come with your seat.  You can check out my Youtube video here and see how I tackled these jobs. 

Changing the seal on my bath screen door 

It was great to find out that I could cheaply replace the seal on my bath panel. Over time this had become broken and mouldy. I had bleached it a few times which brought it back to life but there was no saving it this time.

I purchased a replacement rubber seal from, you can also get these off Amazon and eBay. My glass was 6mm thick so I made to pick a seal that would fit. I used my old seal as a guide to cut my new one to size.

These are easily cut to size. I then cleaned the glass and simply popped my new seal on. No more ugly shower seal! 

I know these were not the most glamorous of DIYs but I wanted to show you that the simplest of changes can make a big difference. I still have loads left on my bathroom makeover list but I thought I would share my jobs so far. Next to tackle is my broken and mouldy seal around my bath, replace my taps, painting and decorating.

If you watch my Youtube video you can also see the trinkets I picked up in Homesense over the weekend for the bathroom. 



  1. Catherine Carton
    August 6, 2018 / 11:01 am

    I love that the smallest of things can change a space and brighten it up x

  2. Lostvestige
    August 4, 2018 / 3:06 pm

    Nice!! We recently changed out our toilet seat that was looking quite old, and I can't believe the difference it made! It seemed to brighten up the whole bathroom. Haha!

  3. Catherine Carton
    August 3, 2018 / 5:35 am

    Thank you for commenting! Glad you liked it x

  4. Unknown
    August 3, 2018 / 5:27 am

    Wow very nice and yes something so simple can make a BIG change , thank you for sharing ♡

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