10 Ikea hacks that you won’t see anywhere else!

I love a good Ikea hack!, and I have ten Ikea hacks to share with you in this post that you won’t see anywhere else. From a faux fur Marius stool to an apothecary style Alex unit, I have lots of creative Ikea hacks to inspire you to flip the basic and transform it into something new. I see a lot of Ikea furniture down at the recycling centre. Sadly it gets thrown away, just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean it can’t be renewed or repaired. My goal for this post is to inspire you to hack your old Ikea items and save them from landfill.

Ikea Marius Hack, DIY Faux Fur Stool

Take a €4 Ikea Marius stool, get a faux fur cushion and create your very own fluffy chair. This DIY is easy to achieve. I used spray primer and gold spray paint to get the gold legs. I then added a faux fur cushion. Click here for the full details. I will leave the video below too.

Ikea Marius Hack

Ikea Maryd Minibar Hack

Create a DIY drinks table by hacking the Ikea Marius tray table. If you are short on space, then this is perfect. You can fold your Marius mini-bar and store it away when it is not in use. You can set this up in the garden too, perfect for a garden party. Click here to see how I painted my Maryd minibar or check out the video below.

Hack The Ikea Satsumas Ladder, DIY Blanket Ladder

Do you love farmhouse style blanket ladders, but don’t like the hefty price tags attached to them? See how I took this Ikea Satsumas flower pot ladder and transformed it into a budget-friendly blanket ladder. I followed my three golden painting rules, prep, prime and paint. Click here to see more images on this Ikea hack.

Ikea Satsumas Hack DIY Blanket Ladder

Hack the Ikea Alex Into An Apothecary Cabinet

This Ikea Alex hack was one of my most adventurous. Using stained wood on each drawer front, I achieved an old apothecary style. I used vintage style drawer pulls to finish the look. Check out the full makeover here.

Ikea Alex Hack

The Cutest Ikea LÄTT Makeover

This Ikea Latt table and chairs had seen better days. My niece and nephew had left it in their garden, and it became damaged. I gave it some TLC and repaired the mouldy seat pads. I then gave this Ikea Latt set a new paint job and some stencilling to complete the look.

Ikea Latt Hack

Ikea Duktig Doll Bed Hack 

I transformed this Ikea Duktig doll bed into a dreamy doll bed for my niece. However, Blondie decided to test it out first. See how I created a new dolls blanket for this bed and completed a new paint job. These also double up as cute pet beds. Do share pics of your adorable pets in the Ikea Duktig doll bed with me.

Ikea Duktig Hack

Ikea Rug! Turn The Tanum Rug Into A Pillow

Take an Ikea Tanum rug, layer some calico fabric and sandwich in a pillow. These are so easy to make, and I use them every Summer. They are great for the garden. I throw out a rug, add these DIY pillows and create an area in the garden to lounge and enjoy the sun. Click here to see more.

Ikea Tanum Rug Hack

Ikea Klack Revamp, DIY Tiled Tray

Take a budget-friendly Ikea Klack tray and add some tiles to create a unique piece for your home. I used some floral tiles to create this floral tray. This Klack hack is a great way to experiment with tiles and grout. Check it out.

Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Makeover

The Ikea Duktig play kitchen is still one of my favourites all-time Ikea hacks. I took this second-hand kid’s kitchen, and I gave it a paint job, added some accessories, and created this pink dream kitchen. It got a new lease of life and plenty more playtime.

IKEA Kasseby Valentines Day Box Frame DIY

Here is an Ikea hack for the romantics, I took this box frame and some art inside. I created a romantic floral love sign that lights up. You can use these frames to showcase any of your creations.

If you have gotten inspiration from the Ikea hacks above, but don’t know where to start, then check out this “how to paint Ikea furniture” post. I share tips on getting the perfect paint job on your Ikea pieces. I would love to see your Ikea hacks. Please share them in the comments section, or over on Instagram and Facebook.
Thanks for reading! Chat soon, Catherine.

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