Easy Sew Kids Art Apron Made From Drop Cloth

Create a cute child’s apron for your little helper and recycle old fabric too! I am sharing how to make an easy sew kids apron made from drop cloth fabric. Also, this DIY toddler apron is a perfect project for any beginner sewists. 

I recently gave the Ikea Mala art easel a makeover, and I wanted to make an apron for my niece and nephew. Using some drop cloth I had leftover, I created cute aprons that will protect their clothes. So, I can send them home paint free! Don’t worry if you do not have a drop cloth, as you can use old fabric or even a tea towel! 

This easy-sew kids apron will only take you an hour or two to make. Perfect for practising your sewing skills. I have a YouTube video sharing both the Ikea Mala makeover and the DIY toddler apron, but I will leave a shorter apron video below. 

Easy Sew Kids Apron From Dry Cloth

How To Make A Template for your DIY Toddler Apron

Using my niece’s dress, I created a template for her apron. You can get free patterns online for aprons, but you can easily use a piece of clothing to make a template. 

As you can see in the video, I traced around the dress and added an inch. This inch will be your seam allowance for the hem. To make the apron larger, then add extra inches to the sides and length. Once you are happy with your template, you can use this as a guide for making larger ones. For my nephew’s apron, I added extra inches to the first template. 

Easy Sew Kids Apron

Use sharp fabric scissors to cut out your apron template. Dropcloth fabric can fray easier, so take your time when working with this fabric. It is also easy to clean, and you can pop it into the washing machine when it gets dirty. 

How To Make The Straps For Your Easy Sew Apron

I measured the width of the straps that were on my niece’s apron. I made the length long enough so that it would fit around her waist and neck. You can use your measuring tape and measure your toddler to see what length suits them. 

To make the strap template, I doubled the measurements. I then traced this onto my pattern and cut out four pieces, two for the neckties and two for the waist ties. 

I ironed the fabric in half, then in quarters, and then did two straight top stitches down either side of my tie. As this sounds quite confusing in text, I recommend watching the video clip to see how I made the straps. 

DIY Apron Straps
DIY strings for apron

Assembling Your Easy Sew Kids Apron

Pin the neck-straps and waist straps where you want them. Make sure to measure them, so they are even and symmetrical on both sides. When we hem around the apron, these will secure in place. Again, have a peep at the video to see how I pinned them. 

I like to iron my hems when sewing. Using my iron, I fold up once, then fold again and press. You can add pins to secure your hems before sewing on the machine. Take your time when sewing your topstitch. Also, you can reverse stitch over the straps to make them more secure. Ironing will give your project that professional finish. 

You may want to use velcro straps on young children. Please be careful and use your judgment with whatever strap option you use. The great thing about this project is it’s completely customisable. 

Assembling an apron
DIY toddler apron
DIY apron
Easy sew Childs apron

Get Creative! 

Now you have the apron, its time to get creative! You can check out my YouTube video below and see how I used the Ikea art easel and some paint to create a fun space. Check out this post if you want more creative ideas! 

I love getting crafty with my niece and nephew, but I am always afraid of ruining their clothes and sending them home in a mess. So, I am hoping my DIY kid’s aprons help keep them mess-free. 

So, let me know if you try this. I hope you got inspired to make a DIY toddlers apron. Do let me know in the comments below if you make one! Thanks for reading, Chat soon, Catherine. 

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