DIY Garden Project Ideas, Easy Sew Apron & More

I have not one, but three DIYs in this week’s Youtube video. As we are still in lockdown here in Ireland, I wanted to add more into my weekly uploads, and I have three DIY garden project ideas in this week’s video. I am sharing how to make a garden apron, easy sew, of course. I played with clay, and I am showing you how to make clay plant labels. I recycled an old cabinet into a mini greenhouse too!

DIY Garden Project Ideas

Easy Sew Garden Apron

I have been spending a lot more time in the garden in the past few weeks. It has become an extra room in my home. I am also loving the beautiful weather we have been having. I wanted to sew myself a small apron as I am forever leaving down my tools and forgetting where I put them. I also needed somewhere to pop my phone into, As I use it to listen to audiobooks while I am in the garden.
If you want to learn to make your garden apron, then press play on the video below. I have timestamps to each DIY garden project included in the intro to the video.

Easy Sew Garden Apron Easy Sew Garden Apron Easy Sew Garden Apron Easy Sew Garden Apron Easy Sew Garden Apron

Clay Garden Pot labels

I love playing with clay. I feel like a child again when I play with clay. I used some air-drying clay to create these plant labels. I will link to some clay here from Amazon. I warmed the clay in my hands before rolling it out on a mat. I then used some individual letter stampers to add names to my clay labels. I then allowed them to air-dry overnight. Once dry, I applied a coat of clear varnish to them. You can get creative and paint yours using some acrylic paint. I am guilty of forgetting to labels my seeds, so these will come in handy. Check out the video above to see how I created them.

DIY Garden Project IdeasDIY Clay pot labels DIY Garden Project Ideas DIY Garden Project Ideas DIY clay pot labels DIY Garden Project Ideas

Mini Cabinet Greenhouse

I am obsessed with cute greenhouses and she sheds. I have a whole Pinterest board for sheds. I would adore one, however, my budget doesn’t stretch for one right now. I decided to recycle an old cabinet instead, and I made my very own mini greenhouse. I got this cabinet second hand a few years ago. It was hiding under my bed. Whilst scrolling through Pinterest, I got an idea and remembered the cabinet I had. I gave this a good scrub using some degreaser. I rinsed off any remaining product, and I cleaned down the glass panels using some vinegar and water solution.

Mini Cabinet Greenhouse Mini Cabinet Greenhouse

Let me know if you have a try at creating any of these DIY garden project ideas. You can use the #doingadainty if sharing to Instagram. I love seeing what you are creating. If you want more garden ideas, then check out this blog post here. I also have a garden playlist on YouTube if you enjoy the garden-themed videos. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy the videos and get value from them.

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