DIY Santa Sacks From Drop Cloth Fabric

In this post, I am sharing how to make DIY Santa sacks from drop cloth fabric. These are a great gift wrapping alternative. I am also sharing how to personalize them without a fancy Cricut machine. I know it can be hard to get supplies with the shops closed, so I used materials from the hardware shop. All you need for this is your sewing machine, drop cloth, rope and your glue gun. 

DIY Personalised santa sacks

Press Play On The Video Below To See How I Made Mine

Here are the measurements for the DIY Santa sacks that I created. 

  • 20 Inch X 30 Inch, cut two panels. 
  • 21 Inch X 2 1/2 Inch, cut two strips. 

Before assembling and sewing my fabric, I personalized the front panel. I traced the name onto the fabric using a sewing marker. Once I was happy with the lettering, I used my glue gun to glue to rope to the fabric. I used thick rope that I got in the middle aisle of Lidl. I recommend using a thinner, smoother piece of rope on yours. 

DIY Santa Sack DIY Santa Sack DIY Santa Sack DIY Santa Sack

Once I personalized the front, I worked on the casing for the drawstring. I double folded and ironed the side seams inwards. I then pinned the casing to the front and back panel. I measured down 5 inches from the top. I stitched the casing to the fabric. 

How to personalise a santa sack How to personalise a santa sack

I placed the front and back panels with the right sides facing each other and pinned them into place. I then stitched around the seams to create my sack shape. Clip the corners to get a nice corner when you turn it the right way out. When your sack is placed right way out, you can then work on the drawstring. I used a safety pin to pull the drawstring through the casing, and I tied a knot on each end. 

DIY Santa Sack Easy sew DIY Santa Sack Easy sew DIY Santa Sack Easy sew

If you would like another drawstring bag tutorial, click here. 

Let me know if you have a go at creating these DIY Santa sacks. I will also leave a video below that I created it last year, it shares some alternative gift wrapping ideas. I hope you get inspired. 

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