DIY Advent Calendar Ideas: A Crafty Countdown

Can you believe we’re already stepping into November? As the last traces of autumn’s golden beauty fade away, I find myself eagerly looking ahead to the magic of the Christmas season – Christmas is just around the corner! Now, some might say it’s a smidge early to start the holiday cheer, but I’ve always believed that a bit of early planning only adds to the build up. And what better way to spread a personal touch into the upcoming festivities than by delving into the some DIY advent calendar ideas.

So, join me as we embark on a journey of creativity, exploring ideas that range from timeless paper classics to the eco friendly allure of upcycled materials. This November, let’s come together to craft a Christmas countdown that will make this holiday season truly amazing!

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Classic Paper Perfection Advent Calendar

The classic paper Advent calendar always stays in style. Craft a traditional calendar by folding and cutting sturdy paper to create 24 flaps, each hiding a surprise or treat. 

Decorate the outside with festive colours, glitter, and illustrations to set the holiday mood. Furthermore, number each flap and watch the excitement grow as your loved ones open a new one each day.

Repurposed Treasure Hunt

Give a new life to old items by creating a repurposed Advent calendar. Firstly, collect small containers, like empty toilet paper rolls, mason jars, or matchboxes. Following this, decorate each container uniquely and place a surprise inside. 

Arrange them in a creative pattern on a board or hang them by strings. This approach also contributes to sustainability and adds a touch of rustic essence to your holiday decor.

Envelope Extravaganza

For a simple yet elegant DIY Advent calendar idea, use envelopes. Choose colourful or patterned envelopes and arrange them in a grid pattern on a wall or bulletin board. 

Fill each envelope with a handwritten note, a festive joke, a small treat, or a holiday activity suggestion. This idea also adds a personal touch and allows you to customize the surprises to match each recipient’s preferences.

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Bookworm’s Delight Advent Calendar

Mix the joy of reading with the excitement of Advent by creating a book themed calendar. Wrap 24 books, with each book getting a number that indicates the sequence for opening.

The books can range from holiday-themed stories to cherished classics. This approach builds excitement and encourages quality family time as you read together each night.

Creative Craft Countdown

If you’re a crafty enthusiast, consider crafting a set of small, personalized gifts to be opened each day. Knit mini scarves, create small paintings, or handcraft ornaments. 

These thoughtful creations will brighten up the holiday season and showcase your artistic talents.

Sweet Treat Stash

Combine the spirit of giving with the love of sweets in a sweet filled advent calendar. Create a hanging display with small bags or boxes, each containing a different type of candy or chocolate. 

Make sure to mix in a variety of treats to keep things interesting. This idea also suits individuals with a sweet tooth and allows for easy customization to suit dietary needs.


Challenge your loved ones’ minds with a puzzle-themed Advent calendar. Create or print out a set of puzzles, riddles, or brain teasers. 

Each day, they’ll have to solve a puzzle to reveal a hidden treat or clue to the next day’s activity. This interactive approach adds an element of fun and intrigue to the holiday count down.

Acts of Kindness

One of my favourite DIY advent calendar ideas is an acts of kindness calendar. Change the focus from receiving to giving by making an Advent calendar centred around acts of kindness. Write down 24 thoughtful deeds or gestures, one for each day leading up to Christmas. 

This calendar not only spreads holiday cheer but also reminds everyone of the season’s true spirit.

What are the tiny filler ideas for the advent calendar?

When it comes to filling up your Advent calendar with lovely surprises, the possibilities are endless. Consider including tiny filler ideas that add a touch of joy to each day’s unveiling. 

Small treats like festive chocolates, candies, or miniature cookies are classic options that never fail to evoke a smile. You can also infuse the calendar with a dash of creativity by including colourful stickers, holiday themed temporary tattoos, or even tiny puzzles or brain teasers to engage minds in a fun challenge. 

For those who relish moments of relaxation, mini-scented candles, herbal tea sachets, or inspirational quote cards can be charming additions. Remember to tuck in little notes with acts of kindness, making the countdown not just about receiving but also giving. 

Lastly, small figurines, keychains, or novelty toys can infuse an extra touch of playfulness for the young and young-at-heart. The key is to tailor these tiny filler ideas to match the preferences and personalities of the recipients, transforming each day’s reveal into a delightful and memorable experience.


I hope one of these DIY advent calendar ideas stood out to you and makes you embrace the spirit of Christmas creativity!

Whether you choose a traditional paper calendar or opt for a repurposed masterpiece, the joy and excitement of counting down to Christmas will be a cherished memory for years to come. Get ready to embark on a crafty journey that adds a touch of magic to the holiday season!

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