Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Can you believe it’s almost that spooktacular time of the year again? Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you might find yourself in a bit of a costume pickle. But no worries, because today I’m here to sprinkle a little DIY magic and share some last-minute Halloween costume ideas that are as fabulous as they are easy to whip up. 

So, whether you’re a bit of a procrastinator like me or you adore getting crafty, let’s dive into these creative and purse-friendly solutions that will have you shining at any Halloween bash!

halloween pumpkin

How to make a classic ghost costume?

When it comes to last-minute Halloween costume choices, you can’t go wrong with the classic ghost – it’s timeless and spooky. 

All you need is an old white sheet or a large piece of white fabric. Firstly, cut out holes for the eyes, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a hauntingly good costume. 

To make it even more eerie, consider adding some grey or black makeup around the eyes and hands for a more ethereal look.

How to make a pop-art character costume for Halloween?

Transform yourself into a pop art character inspired by comic books’ vibrant, bold style. 

Firstly, use makeup to create exaggerated features, including thick black outlines and colourful dots for shading. Then, wear bright clothing and style your hair to complement the comic book aesthetic. 

This costume is a playful and also visually captivating choice.

halloween decor

How to create a vintage movie star look for Halloween?

Channel the elegance of a vintage movie star by dressing up in glamorous attire from a bygone era. 

Choose a specific era, like the 1920s flapper, the 1950s Hollywood icon, or the 1970s disco diva. 

Style your hair and makeup accordingly, and accessorize with vintage jewellery to complete the look. This costume also exudes sophistication and timeless beauty.

How to create a mime artist Halloween look?

Transform into a classic mime artist by wearing all-black clothing and using makeup to create a white-painted face. 

Practice exaggerated facial expressions and gestures to convey emotions without words. Pair the outfit with a beret and white gloves. 

This costume allows you to embrace the art of silence and also engage in playful banter with those around you!

How to make an easy jellyfish Halloween costume?

Craft a mesmerizing jellyfish costume using an umbrella and streamers. 

Hang long, flowing streamers in various shades of blue or white from the edges of the umbrella. Wear an all-white outfit underneath. 

As you walk, the streamers will also mimic the graceful movements of a jellyfish in the water. This DIY costume is sure to capture everyone’s attention.

DIY scarecrow Halloween costume

Transform into a classic scarecrow with some old clothing and a bit of crafting. Wear jeans, a plaid shirt, and a straw hat. Use makeup to create rosy cheeks and a stitched-on smile. 

Craft a simple black paper or fabric crow and attach it to your shoulder. Lastly, to complete the look, add hay or straw to your cuffs, collar, and hat for an authentic touch.

Cereal Killer Halloween Costume

This punny costume idea is a surefire way to get some laughs. Attach small cereal boxes to an old shirt and splatter red paint to mimic blood. 

Carry around a plastic knife or spoon and maybe even a “victim” cereal box that’s been “stabbed.” This costume also cleverly combines humour with a dash of spookiness.

How to create an Alice in Wonderland costume? 

Step into the magical world of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” with a DIY costume that captures the essence of this whimsical tale. 

Start with the iconic blue dress that Alice is known for. Look for a light blue dress or modify a plain dress with white apron-like details. The apron should tie around the waist and feature a clean white bib with ruffled edges, resembling the classic pinafore style.

Lastly, accessorize with a black ribbon headband worn around your hair. This accessory perfectly mirrors Alice’s simple and charming appearance.

Consider crafting a “Drink Me” potion prop to add a touch of Wonderland magic.

DIY Pumpkin Head

You can also always recreate my pumpkin head from last year and literally carry the Halloween spirit on your shoulders! Check out the video below for the laughs and fun, creative pumpkin crafting. 

Happy Haunting! 

These DIY Halloween costume ideas are more than just outfits; they’re expressions of your creativity, passion, and unique spirit. So, grab your crafting supplies and let your imagination run wild. 

Whether you’re haunting a Halloween bash or embarking on a trick-or-treat adventure, remember that the true magic lies in the joy of creating, sharing, and embracing the spirit of the season. 

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  1. Johanna
    October 24, 2023 / 2:55 pm

    Catherine, I doubt you’ll ever top trying to put the pumpkin on your head. It still cracks me up!

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