How to recycle jeans into a pencil skirt

Have you got a pair of jeans that you no longer wear but don’t want to throw out? In this post, I will show you how to recycle jeans into a pencil skirt. This is really easy to do and a project that even the beginner sewing ladies can try. Don’t worry if you do not have a sewing machine as you can use some fabric glue instead. I have also put together a video where you can see in detail how I made my pencil skirt.

How to recycle jeans into a pencil skirt

Picking the perfect pair of jeans

So, I actually don’t own a pair of jeans so I raided the sale rails for my pair of jeans. As I wanted to make a fitted pencil style skirt, I picked a pair of jeans that had some stretch in them. If you are out shopping in the second hand/thrift shops them just pick a pair that fits you in the waist. You will be cutting the legs and inside seam so don’t worry too much about the thigh.

How to recycle jeans into a pencil skirt

Here are the steps to make your skirt, I will also leave the video below so you can have a better idea and see how I made my skirt.

  • Measure how long you want your skirt and cut the legs of your jeans to size. I cut mine at the knee but you can go shorter or longer depending on your style.
  • Unpick the inseam, the seam that is in-between the legs.
  • Unpick the front and back seam, this is the crotch area of the jeans. You need to un pick these and then lay them flat so they will not bulge out and they will lay flat. Refer to the video to see how.
  • I used the off cut of my jeans to add a panel to the front and back. I pinned them into place and did a top stitch with my sewing machine. I then trimmed off any excess fabric.
  • I chose not to hem the bottom of my jeans and I popped them into the washing machine and they had a nice fluffy fray detail to the bottom. I just trimmed off any loose threads from the bottom.

How to recycle jeans into a skirtDiy skirt from jeans Easy way to recycle jeans into a skirt

How to recycle jeans into a pencil skirt How to sew a denim pencil skirt Pencil skirt DIY Turn your jeans into a pencil skirt

So that is how to turn your jeans into a skirt. I am headed to a baseball game when I am away travelling soon and that is my main reason for wanting to make my skirt. I bought my jersey and I was unsure on how to style it as I don’t wear jeans. When I went shopping for denim skirts I couldn’t find ones that flattered my shape, so, I decided to make my own. I hope you got some inspo and value from today’s post. Do let me know if you have a try at making your very own skirt. You can tag me on Instagram or comment below and let me know. If you enjoyed this post then check out this one where I show you how to shorten a dress.  

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  1. Dwayne Coleman
    January 19, 2024 / 3:38 am

    I’ll share this with any woman I know. Also, can longer jean skirts be made with this method? Why I’m asking is many women who like to make skirts of pants like to make them below the knee.

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