My Top 18 of 2018

My most popular posts for 2018

Well, what a year 2018 was, from DIY fluffy chairs to Pom Pom cushions and flower shows to hot air balloons, no wonder I am tired as the year comes to an end. This year I focused on creating more video content for my blog and Youtube channel. I am glad to see that you guys are enjoying it as sometimes it is easier to show how to make something in a video than it is to write it down. I am going to share my most popular posts of 2018 in today’s post. I hope you have enjoyed my blog posts and videos this year and thank you for the support on my blog and Youtube. 

1, The Pom Pom cushion

Whilst wandering around Liberty in London I stumbled across a really expensive cushion, I thought to myself, ” I could make that” so I did. I took the idea and put my own stamp on it. I honestly didn’t realise how popular this post would be and it has over 600k views on Youtube already. You can catch the post here

2, The fluffy stool 

Take one Ikea stool that was less than €5, spray gold and add a faux fur cushion and you get an expensive looking stool. I loved seeing you guys make this stool in your own homes. Catch the full post here. 

3, The Ikea kitchen makeover

I would have killed for a kitchen like this as a kid. I gave this Ikea kids kitchen a makeover using some satinwood paint, marble effect contact paper and gold spray paint. Catch the full post here. 

4, Leaf trinket dish

This fun and easy Autumn DIY was tried by loads of you guys. Who knew how fun and easy air dry clay was to use. Catch it here. 

5, Paper flower wall

Want to make your own flower wall but don’t want to spend a fortune? Why not try a paper flower version. Perfect for creating your own selfie wall. Catch it here. 

6, Dubai adventure

I kicked off my thirtieth birthday as a solo traveller in Dubai and I had an amazing time. I floated off in a hot air balloon and explored all that the city had to offer. I have three Dubai posts and you can catch them here.

7, Turning thirty, what I learnt in my twenties

Reflecting on my twenties and sharing what I learnt was something that really resonated with people. Catch the full post here

8, I made a dress

One of my 2018 goals was to make a dress unsupervised without help. I was delighted to team up with Hickeys for this project and I made my very own wrap dress. Catch it here. 

9, The Chelsea flower show

This was my absolute dream. In early January I applied for media accreditation to attend the press day of the Chelsea flower show. I was thrilled to be accepted and I got to see my gardening idol, Monty Donn. This was such a fun surreal day. You can catch the video here. 

10, DIY tiled tray

Take some pretty floral tiles and add them to a budget-friendly Ikea tray. This is one of my personal faves of this year and I have it on the coffee table in my bedroom. Catch it here

11,  Provence adventure

It was my dream to go to the lavender fields in the South of France and I got to go there with my pal Karen from, we also got to stay in the L’Occitane spa whilst we were there. You can catch the vlog here. 

12, Budapest, the Paris of the East

I was pleasantly surprised by the city of Budapest when I visited back in April, I had a travel buddy for this trip and Camille came with me to explore this city with me. We got to see the cherry blossom tree’s in full bloom and even got to row a boat on the lake. Catch the post here.

13, DIY teacup bird feeders

I took some old china and turned them into some pretty teacup bird feeders. I also took an old wooden palette and used it to display the feeders. Catch it here. 

14, Budget bathroom makeover

I finally got rid of the magnolia paint in my bathroom and I even tackled changing my bath panel. I hung some shelves and I finally got my downstairs bathroom to compliment the rest of my home decor. Best of all I was able to do this on a budget. Catch the post here. 

15, DIY sequin Christmas stockings

One of my fave Christmas DIYs was these sequin stockings. I changed up my Christmas decor this year and these fit in perfectly. I used some sequin dress fabric and faux fur trim to make these sequin stockings. Catch the post here. 

16, Mothers day rose scented soap DIY

Who knew making soap could be so fun. I used some flower shaped moulds and rose essential oil to create these soaps. Catch the post here. 

17, Solo exploring in Lisbon

I headed off to Lisbon for an Autumn adventure and I even headed to the countryside to explore the pretty town of Sintra. One of my face budget friendly solo adventures. Catch the Vlog here.

18, What I learned this year 

I love to reflect on what I learned at the end of each year. It helps me to plan for the year ahead and re-look at my long-term goals. Its great to check in with yourself and I try to take the lesson from even the negative things that happen. You can read that post here. 

Let me take this moment to wish you all a happy new year. Thank you for your continued support on my Youtube and blog this year. I still run this blog alongside my full-time job so I can only put out one or two projects a week. Thanks for all the love in 2018 and I will see you all in 2019.

Chat soon,


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