Ideas for decorating & updating your living room with DFS

Over the past year, our living rooms have become multifunctional. Some have turned into home offices, classrooms and places to escape the outside world. With a new season ahead, why not update or redecorate your living room, and let me share some ways you can with DFS.

I have also teamed up with DFS, and I have a €1000 voucher to give away. You can read more about this competition at the end of this post.

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Update and refresh your living room with DFS

Paint your living room a light colour to make it feel more open

While I love seeing dark and moody rooms on Instagram, my living room is too small for dark paint colours on the wall. Instead, I use accessories to add a pop of colour to my home. 

I have a light tone on my walls and skirting to give the illusion of a bigger and brighter room. A few years ago, I changed my hand me down sofas and upgraded to the Joules sofas by DFS. You can watch the video here.

Instead of playing it safe and choosing a grey sofa, I went for a pop of pink and a floral pattern. I got the two-seater Joules and a love seat in a contrasting tone. 

Recently, Joanne Condon updated her living room and went for a pop of colour with her sofa. She painted her walls in a bright neutral tone and added some personality with her sofa. Have a peep here. 

Joanne has the Grand Designs sofa, and it’s made from recycled plastics and more sustainable materials. You can read more about the Grand Designs range here. 

We spend a lot of time on our sofas, more so in the past year, so it’s important to pick one that’s right for you and your space. Click here to read my tips for buying a sofa. 

ways to update your living room with DFS
Grand Designs range by DFS Joanne Condon

Hang up artwork or photographs on the walls for decoration to update your living room

Now, I am guilty of this, I have no photos in my home, but I have lots of memories in my heart. If you have a bare wall, why not print off your favourite pictures and create a gallery wall. 

Or if you have one favourite photo, why not get it printed larger and framed. You could also create your very own DIY wall art.

For me, I have loads of travel photos that I love, but they are all sitting on my hard drive. I plan on printing my favourites and getting old frames to create a gallery wall above my sofa. 

Mirrors are another great way to make your living room look larger. I saw someone use mirrored panels in the alcoves to give the illusion of a larger space, and I loved it. 

Joanne Mooney A Proud Home on Instagram. Joules Sofa.

Update your living room and Get gallery wall inspiration from Joanne Mooney on Instagram.

Put down area rugs that match your furniture colours and patterns

I am guilty of committing the rug crime of choosing ones that are too small. I have an awkward living room layout, but I am thinking of dipping my toe into the rug world. 

Rugs are a great way of zoning your living room. Rugs also add warmth and texture to a room that might be feeling a bit bland. I use rugs in other areas of my home to add texture, and I love the feeling of a rug on my feet. 

Aoife from Style So Simple on Instagram has a great rug guide. Click here to see. Aoife has recently moved home and has done some work to her living space, so have a peep of her Instagram and get inspo. 

Aoife, style so simple on Instagram.

Add some fresh flowers or indoor plants for a touch of nature

Now, I am an indoor plant newbie. However, I love seeing how people use plants in their homes. While plants are stylish for home decor, they also are fun to grow. 

This year I attempted to grow some houseplants from seed which you will see on the blog soon. While some weren’t as successful as others, I loved the joy I got from growing. 

Brighten up dull corners in your living space with a potted plant, or place a vase of real or faux flowers on a side table. 

Get rid of clutter

I am the queen of causing clutter but also decluttering. You feel instantly lighter after a good declutter and tidy. While the thoughts of decluttering are not fun, it is a great way to create space in your living room for new things to come in. 

Start by decluttering bookshelves, tables, cabinets and all of the hidden nooks in your living room. You can donate items you no longer need or sell them to raise some cash to buy something new. 

faux built ins around fireplace. living room update.

Light it up! 

Irish people are afraid of the big light, and the big light is only ever turned on when someone loses the remote control! Am I right?

Lamps are a great way of zoning your space. Use lamps of different heights to create a cosy feeling in your living room. 

Do you have an armchair that you love to read in? Use a taller lamp beside it, one that is practical but that also creates some ambience. 

WIN a €1000 DFS voucher and update your living space

Do you need a living room update, or do you know someone who would love a new sofa or seat to relax in? Well, I have a €1000 DFS voucher to giveaway. 

To enter: 

You can also donate your voucher to a person or a cause that may have helped you out. Simply tag them in the comments for a chance to win. 

The winner will be selected at random on September 15th. The winner will be contacted through Instagram via DM and asked for only their email address. Full terms and conditions apply and the competition is only open to those living in Ireland. 

The competition ends 15th of September 2021

Only this account will contact the winner. Do not engage with any spam accounts or give your information to anyone except this page if chosen as the winner. 

I hope this post has given you some inspiration. If you would like to completely redo your living room but don’t know where to start, then check out this post. In this post, I share how I make a mood board and plan a larger project. While this post chats about a bathroom project, the same principles apply. I hope you find it helpful. 

Thanks for reading! Chat soon, Catherine. 


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