How To Make A Reusable And Wipeable Sandwich Bag

This year back to school time is unique and different from previous years. In this week’s Youtube video, I share how to make a reusable and wipeable sandwich bag. One of the things I noticed was the need for wipeable items for kids in school. So, whether it is a wipeable pencil case, snack bag or lunch bag, I saw people looking for oilcloth items for the school bags. 

If you need a wipeable pencil case or a reusable, wipeable snack bag, then this video below is for you. 

How to make a reusable sandwich bag

How To Make A Reusable Sandwich Bag

I am guilty of using the plastic wrap on my sandwiches. I am a fan of a ham and cheese sambo with a packet of Tayto for my lunch. I decided to make myself some reusable sandwich bags for my lunch as they are more eco friendly compared to plastic wrap or foil. 

If you have made an envelope cushion, then you will find these sandwich bags easy to make. 

Here are the measurements I used for the reusable sandwich bag. 

Length 40cm Width 28cm – This size is suitable for a sandwich but you can adjust the measurements to make them larger. 

Length 30 cm Width 15cm – This size is much smaller but suitable for peanuts, small biscuits and smaller snacks. 

Watch the YouTube video above for the tutorial. Skip to 01:28 for the demo. 

How to make a DIY snack bag How to make a reusable and wipeable sandwich bag

How To Wash Your DIY Snack Bags

I used an oilcloth material for the inside lining of my lunch bags. This material is wipeable and easy to clean. The outside of my lunch bag is cotton. You can hand wash these in warm soapy water and leave to hang dry. I try not to put oilcloth into the washing machine, but you can wash on a low temp. Check the care label on your oilcloth fabric when purchasing for washing instructions. 

DIY sandwich bag DIY eco friendly snack bag

Tips Tor Using Oilcloth

Here are a few tips when sewing with oilcloth. 

  • Lengthen your stitch. Use a longer stitch when sewing with oilcloth. 
  • Use clamps instead of pins to hold your fabric together. I used paper clamps to hold mine together as pins can leave permanent holes. 
  • Pop some masking tape on the presser foot to stop it from sticking. Don’t worry if you do not have a walking foot. My universal foot was able to sew over the oilcloth, however, if you find it is sticking then pop some masking tape onto the foot. 

Sewing Clamps

How To Make A Wipeable Pencil Case

Check out this video below, where I share how to make two different versions of a pencil case. You can follow the exact instructions, however, if you choose to use oilcloth, just follow the tips I gave above. 

Back to school 2020

I hope you got some value from this post. I know this year back to school time is met with uncertainty and fear. However, I see the resilience in people and how we are adapting to a new way of living. I know it is frustrating, but I believe we can adapt and overcome whatever is thrown our way. 

If you are a complete beginner and would love to learn to sew, then click this link here. 

Please share this post with someone who needs it. 

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