How To Hide Your Bins! DIY Trash Can Cover.

Hands up! Who has ugly wheelie bins, and is tired of looking at them? In this week’s YouTube video, I constructed a DIY bin cover, and I am sharing how to hide your bins. Trash cans are unsightly, especially if you have them in front of your home. Whenever I had guests over in the garden, I would cringe at the unsightly bins in my small garden. I was looking online for inspiration on how to hide my bins. So, I decided to create a trash can cover for my garden. This project took me an afternoon to make, and I am going to share how you can make one too.

DIY bin cover

Constructing My DIY Bin Cover

I have a YouTube video which I will have below. This video will show you how I constructed my bin cover. I will also leave the steps below but do check out the video.
I first measured out my bins. I measured the width, height and the depth of my bin cover. I then went to the builder’s yard in B&Q. I purchased some thin panels of treated timer. I also purchased two large posts which I cut in half.

How To Hide Your Bins! DIY Trash Can Cover. How To Hide Your Bins! DIY Trash Can Cover.

Here are my DIY Bin cover measurements: 120cm in height. 260cm wide and 80cm deep. My measurements are for guidance only, please measure your bins before making yours as yours may be a different size to mine. You may also want to add height to yours or make it shorter depending on your height.

I cut my wood to size using my mitre saw. Once all my wood was cut, I started assembling it. I started with the front section as this was the largest. I placed my wood panels in the posts, I evenly spaced them out. I then drilled the strips of wood to the posts. I then worked on the side pieces. Once I had my two side pieces complete, I drilled them into the front panel. You will get a better idea of how I achieved this in the YouTube video. I added wheels to the base of my bin cover. I wanted to make it easy to pull out so I added some metal castor wheels.

DIY bin cover how to hide your bins

Once my bin can cover was assembled, I gave it a lick of paint. I probably could have done with sanding it, as I noticed some loose pieces of wood on the side. However, I skipped sanding and I gave it two coats of white outdoor paint that I had in the shed. I think next year, I might hang some small, lightweight pots on it and make it a feature in the garden. I love how this looks and most importantly, I can still easily access my bins. As my cover is on wheels, I can easily wheels it away to reveal my bins and take them outside for bin day.

DIY trash can cover DIY trash can cover DIY trash can cover DIY bin cover DIY trash can cover DIY trash can cover

I hope you got inspiration from this post. If you would like more garden DIY ideas, then click here for more garden projects. If you enjoyed this post, then please share. Have fun creating your wheelie bin cover and enjoy your garden!

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