DIY Bob Ross Halloween Costume

As it is Halloween season I thought I would have some fun and share a costume DIY with you. This week I am doing a DIY Bob Ross Halloween costume. This year I have become a bit obsessed with watching Bob Ross videos on YouTube, I find them so relaxing to watch and it always makes me want to pick up and brush and do some landscape painting. For my DIY Bob Ross costume, I actually copied one of his paintings and I am pretty impressed with how it turned out. I hope you get a giggle from this video as I had a lot of fun creating it.

My Outfit And Props

I picked up a size small man’s chambray shirt and some vintage style jeans for my outfit. Bob always had a spotless shirt on when he was painting and I don’t know how he didn’t get paint all over his shirt. You could pick up these items easy enough I a second-hand/thrift shop or borrow from a friend. I picked up my wig from The Silly Shop on Liffey St in Dublin. I wanted to make sure I got a wig that had a ginger hue to it and not a black wig. My wig is by the brand Smiffy’s and you can get it on Amazon. I then picked up my moustache from the party shop out in Liffey Valley but here is a similar one from Amazon if you cannot find one locally.

DIY Bob Ross Halloween Costume

I attempted to paint my own Bob Ross painting and use it as one of my props. I followed the video below to paint my picture. I had an art set that I picked up in Lidl back in Summer. It wasn’t the best set to use but I think I did pretty good considering. You can then use your paint palette and some brushes as props for your costume.

DIY Bob Ross Costume

I hope you enjoyed my video this week and got a giggle from it. I actually found painting so much fun and I think I will have a try at it again but with the proper paints. If you enjoyed this week’s video then please subscribe to my channel as we are nearly at the 100k mark. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share with your friends also. If you decide to dress up as Bob over Halloween then please tag me in your pictures over on Instagram. Check out my other blog posts here. 

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