How to turn a chair into a garden planter and a shelf

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I cannot resist a free chair. There are just so many ways you can recycle a chair and today I am going to show you how you can turn a chair into a planter and a shelf for the garden. I have no room in my home for any more chairs so I decided to chop up this old chair and use it in the garden.

I decided to make two items from one chair and I got the idea to make a shelf! As always I have a Youtube video sharing how I made it and I will share some pictures and details below. I also have a discount code with Autentico which I will leave all the details at the bottom of the post.

How to make a garden planter from a chair

I started by cutting my chair in two. I cut the base from the back of the chair using a jigsaw. Don’t worry if you do not have a jigsaw as you can use a handsaw instead, just take care when using tools. Once my chair was cut I started working on the shelf part of my project.

I had some scrap wood in the shed and I cut it to size to use as the base of my shelf. Using my drill I added some metal brackets to the back to join the bottom piece of wood to the chair back.

I then gave it a light sanding and cleaned it down with some Krud Kutter cleaner before I painted it.

recycle an old chair How to turn a chair into a garden planter and a shelf How to turn a chair into a garden planter and a shelfDIY shelf made from chair

To make a planter I used some garden fabric liner that I had leftover from last year. You can pick this up in the garden centres and DY shops.

I sanded away any rough edges on the base of the planter and cleaned down the wood. After painting, I added the fabric to the chair by using my staple gun.

Check out my video to see how I achieved the final look. I added some plants and styled up my chair in a bare spot in my flower bed.

Turn a chair into a flower pot Turn a chair into a flower pot Turn a chair into a flower pot Turn a chair into a flower pot

For this project, I used the Autentico Versante matt in the shade “Blushed”. I have previously used this paint on my kitchen cupboards and PVC door and I am a massive fan of how durable it is.

You can also get it in an eggshell finish if you do not like the feel of matt. The great thing about the Versante range is that it has a built-in sealer so there is no need to wax or varnish.

You can shop the range here and to get 10% off your order you can use the code DAINTY10 at the checkout. This is an affiliate code in which I will receive a small commission.

Autentico versante matt in shade blushed Turn a chair into a flower pot How to turn a chair into a shelf How to turn a chair into a shelfHow to turn a chair into a shelf

Have you got a chair lying around that you are unsure what to do with? Why not have a go at making something new, it doesn’t have to be for the garden you could easily make a shelf for your home.

Please share what you make with me over on Instagram. Don’t forget to check out my video below and give it a cheeky thumbs up if you enjoy it! If you enjoyed this garden-themed post then you might also enjoy this post here where I painted up an old wishing well! Thanks for reading, chat Soon, Catherine.

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