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Autentico Versante Matt | Outdoor paint

This is my favourite time of year. The days are finally getting longer and I can paint some pieces out in the garden after work. Around April and May time, I try and get out into the garden and give it a cleanup and a freshen up. I treat my garden like it is another room in my house, so I like to use colours that will brighten up my garden and enhance it. 

Before Christmas, I picked up this wooden wishing well. I knew I wanted to paint it but I waited until the weather got better to tackle the job. I thought it would be a great piece to test out the Autentico Versante Matt.  If you follow my blog for awhile you will know that I have used a lot of the Autentico brand of paint on other projects in my house. You might remember I used it to transform my kitchen cabinets. 

The big pro about this paint for me is the range of colours. I find the garden paint you get in the local DIY shops to be limited when it comes to colours and a lot of the colours are very bright and bold. I wanted to get a colour that was more pastel and would sit in nicely with the flowers in my garden. I went with the colour Lavender. I chatted with Ursula in for ideas on colours and she recommended the Lavender with the Winter grey as a contrast colour. 

For prep, I washed down my piece as it had been out in the garden all Winter and the birds had pooped on it and there was plenty of spiders living in it. I didn’t use a primer but if your piece has a dark stain or knotty pine you should prime but you can always read the back of the can and ask your stockist if you are unsure. You can also use this paint on PVC, metal fencing, walls and garden furniture. You might remember I painted my UPVC front door using Autentico paint over 2 years ago. I can happily report that is has held up excellent.

I applied two coats of paint using the 1-inch paint brush. I probably would have gotten away with one coat. The coverage was excellent in this colour. I gave it two coats as it will be left outside in my garden. Make sure to follow the instructions on the tin for the drying time. My piece was touch dry within half an hour but I allowed a few hours between the coats.  I then added one coat of the Winter grey to the metal detail on the bottom of the well. 

I also got tonnes out of a litre of paint. I have plenty of paint left for a touch-up or even to paint a few matching pots.

I love how a splash of colour can make a huge difference to the garden space. I find Ireland can be so grey and looking out into the garden on grey days can make you miserable. I love a splash of colour to add a sense f fun and happiness into the garden. 

 I get my Autentico paint off Ursula in in Trim. From painting my cabinets to fabric chairs, she always steers me in the right direction with my projects.
You can also use this paint to give your garden furniture, old pots and even PVC a makeover. Some pieces of furniture may need to be primed. Items that are knotty or have a lot of dark stains should be primed before painting.  If unsure you can ask your stockist when you are buying your paint for advice.

 I popped in a little Azalea shrub to my planter. I loved the pop of colour. This plant is a Spring blossoming shrub and it will be green in colour when the blossoms fall, ready to blossom next Spring. My shrub may get too big for this planter so I will have to keep an eye n it and maybe replant it in my flower bed in early Autumn if it is getting too big. Have you got any garden projects planned for Summer? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to tag me in your up-cycle and DIY pics on Instagram. 

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