DIY Christmas tree advent calendar from palette wood

Use up old palette wood and make a Christmas tree

This year I wanted to make my own advent calendar. I had seen lots of wooden trees on Pinterest and Youtube and I decided to make one for myself. I had an old palette in my garden and I decided to use the wood from that for this project. This tree cost me very little to make and it only took an afternoon to complete. I used some power tools for this project but you can use a hand saw and wood glue if you don’t have a drill or jigsaw. You can also check out this DIY on my Youtube channel too

What you will need 

– Some wood. You can easily pick up wooden palettes for free.

– A jigsaw, drill and sander OR wood glue, a hand saw and sandpaper.

– Some wooden pegs and glue to stick them onto your tree.

– Paper bags for your advent calendar.

– Paint, optional.

I started by taking apart my wooden palette. Be careful when separating the wood and make sure to remove any old nails or hammer down the back if you cannot remove them. I left my wooden pieces indoors for a few days to dry out. If your palette has been outside and is wet then make sure to allow it to dry before painting. 

Using my jigsaw, I cut my wood into different sizes. Using a pencil I marked where I wanted to cut. There were roughly 2 inches between each piece of wood. I used my jigsaw to cut the wood but don’t worry, you can use a hand saw instead. Once my wood was cut to the size I wanted I then drilled the wood to the back piece of the tree. I have a Youtube video showing you how I achieved this if you want to check it out I will link it here. If you do not have a drill then you can use some wood glue. Just allow some extra time for your wood glue to fully dry and cure. As palette wood can be rough, I decided to sand down my tree. I used my palm sander to smooth out my tree but you can use some sandpaper to sand down yours if you don’t have an electric sander. 

I wanted to make my tree fit in with my style. I watered down some white chalk paint and I lightly washed it onto the wood. I wiped away some paint to bring out the grain detail within the wood. You can skip this step but if you want you can paint your piece. Chalk paint would be handy for this project and you can seal the paint with some wax or lacquer. 

Using my glue gun I stuck on my wooden pegs. I gave my pegs a quick spray of gold spray paint as I wanted them to stand out. I had an old advent sock garland from last year that I bought from TK Maxx. I removed all of the socks from the string and I used these are my pouches for the tree. You can get really creative with what you put inside of your pouches. Why not pop in some cards with activity ideas so you can create some memories throughout the month of December. I also added some battery pack string lights to my tree to give it an extra twinkle. 

I had gotten my hands on one of the L’Occitane advent calendars earlier this Autumn at their press evening. I decided to use this to fill my stockings. I am going to bring my tree into work to share with my work ladies as they work so hard this time of year and they deserve a treat.

Let me know if you give this DIY a try. I think it is a great way to use up some old wood and create something pretty for Christmas. It is something that will also last and you can put your own stamp on this project. You can tag me in your projects over on Instagram and don’t forget to check out my video below and see Christmas tree advent calendar. 

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