What to Do With Pumpkins After Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and that means the pumpkins are out in full swing. Whether you’re using them for seasonal decoration or making fun carvings, I’m sure you’re also starting to wonder what you can do with them once Halloween has come and gone. Here are some ideas to ensure you get the full benefit of the Halloween staples.

A treasure trove of creative and eco-conscious options are ready to change your pumpkins into cherished creations.

In the following post, I’ll delve into some concepts that breathe new life into your pumpkins, making sure their value extends beyond Halloween night.

pumpkin patch

What to do with pumpkin seeds after Halloween? 

By simply rinsing, seasoning, and also gently roasting, you can transform these seeds into a crunchy treat that satisfies your taste buds and provides essential nutrients. 

So, before you toss those seeds away, consider giving them a second life as a flavorful post-Halloween snack.

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Can you use pumpkin seeds for bird feeding? 

Pumpkin seeds can be an excellent food source for birds. These seeds are also rich in nutrients, healthy fats, and protein, making them a healthy snack for many bird species. Firstly, start by cleaning the seeds thoroughly and allowing them to dry. 

Once they’re ready, scatter the seeds in your backyard or garden, creating an inviting buffet for local birds. 

You can also create a DIY bird feeder by placing the seeds inside a hollowed-out pumpkin shell. This provides a natural and enriching food source that will attract various friends from the sky.

How to use pumpkin in cooking? 

With its rich, earthy flavour and vibrant orange hue, pumpkin is a versatile ingredient that can add a touch of autumn to your recipes.

To harness the delicious potential of pumpkin, cut it open, scoop the seeds and stringy flesh, then peel and cube the flesh. From here, the possibilities are endless. 

Finally, toss the pumpkin cubes with a light drizzle of olive oil and your favourite spices to create a straightforward and flavorful side dish.

Alternatively, simmer the pumpkin until tender, then blend it into a velvety soup with hints of warmth and comfort. 

For those with a sweet tooth, puree the pumpkin and incorporate it into pies, muffins, or even pancakes.

Whether savoury or sweet, it can change ordinary dishes into culinary delights that capture the season’s essence.

How to compost your pumpkins? 

If your pumpkins have reached the end of their decorative life, consider giving back to the Earth by composting them. 

Chop them into smaller pieces to speed up decomposition, and add them to your compost pile. 

Furthermore, they’ll enrich your soil as they break down, creating a nutrient-rich foundation for future gardening tasks.

How to craft a pumpkin bird feeder?

Get in touch with nature by turning your pumpkin into a bird feeder. Firstly, cut out openings for the birds to access the seeds inside, creating a charming and functional addition to your outdoor space. 

Enjoy watching the birds while knowing you’re contributing to their well-being.

How to plant pumpkin seeds? 

Breathing life into new pumpkins from the seeds of old ones is a rewarding journey connecting you with nature’s cycle’s essence. 

Begin by carefully taking out the seeds from your harvested pumpkins. Clean them thoroughly to remove clinging flesh, then dry them fully by laying them out on a paper towel in a well-ventilated area. Once they’re dry, it’s time to choose a suitable planting spot. 

Whether in your garden or a large pot, ensure the soil is rich, well-draining, and exposed to full sunlight. Sow the seeds approximately one inch deep into the soil, ensuring they are adequately covered. Regular watering, adequate spacing, and a watchful eye for potential pests are essential as your new pumpkins sprout and thrive. 

With patience and care, you’ll witness the transformation from tiny seeds to sprawling vines, ultimately giving rise to new pumpkins that carry the legacy of the ones before.

How to make a Halloween flower pot? 

Repurposing your pumpkin as a unique flower pot adds a charming touch to your garden or living space. To start this creative project, select a firm and in good condition pumpkin, preferably with a flat bottom for stability. 

Begin by carving off the top to create an opening, just as you would for a jack-o-lantern. Scoop out the seeds and stringy pulp to make room for your chosen flowers or plants. 

You can line the inside with plastic or place a smaller container to prevent the pumpkin from softening too quickly. Fill the pumpkin with potting soil, leaving enough space for the plants. Carefully transplant your flowers or small potted plants into the pumpkin, gently patting down the soil. 

Finally, place your stunning pumpkin flower pot in a well-lit area and water it regularly to nurture your blossoms. This creative and eco-friendly twist on traditional planters celebrates the spirit of the season and brings a burst of natural beauty to your surroundings.

Happy Halloween!

The end of Halloween doesn’t signal the end of your pumpkin’s journey. The possibilities are boundless, from tantalizing recipes and delicious treats to eco-friendly composting and fun flower pots. Embrace the chance to prolong the magic of pumpkins and continue the spirit of creativity and sustainability long after the spooky celebrations have faded away.

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