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Hi everyone, I put together a fun Youtube video talking all Christmas Eve boxes. I first started to notice the idea of a Christmas Eve box last year. I had seen some shops selling these boxes and they would say “Christmas Eve box”, I also noticed handmade crafters selling personalized boxes too. This year I worked with brands over on my Instagram and both of them offered Christmas Eve boxes, so, I thought I would share a post and chat through what I include in mine and hopefully, it will give you some inspiration. Whether you are buying one for yourself a child or a friend, there is something for everyone. Christmas is definitely a costly time, so, I made sure to include some budget-friendly options in the video. 

Christmas Eve Traditions

When I was younger what I loved the most about Christmas Eve was getting brand new pajamas, fresh bed sheets and having a bath. It was the coziest night of the year and it still is for me as an adult.  These are perfect items to include in a Christmas Eve box, so regardless of your age, whether young or old, a brand new set of pajamas, slippers, robe or bed linen will put a smile on anyone’s face. 

The Box

I noticed more and more retailers this Christmas releasing “Christmas Eve” themed boxes. There are loads to choose from and for all budgets. When working with Harvey Norman they had a stunning red wooden box. I also worked with Dealz too and they had a cardboard one for €1.50 so something for all budgets. There is also loads of personalized handmade boxes made by crafters and if you are feeling crafty yourself then why not make one using a gift box of crate. 

A book or a movie?

Nothing beats a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve! Why not pop in your favorite DVD or if you are giving a box as a present then pop in a DVD that you know they will love. If you are more of a book lover then add in a good book or even a coloring book. You can also add in items that you can use on Christmas afternoons such as puzzles, jigsaws, and board games. Anything that encourages people to get off their phones and interacting is a winner in my book. 


Hot chocolate, marshmallows and lots of treats. Whatever your favorite treat is, then why not pop it into your Christmas Eve box. I also like to include a sneaky bottle of Guinness or Gin. It is Christmas after all. You can also pop in your favourite pampering products too. Why not include some scented bath bombs or even a new smelly Chrismtas candle. 

I hope you got some inspo from today’s post. Don’t forget to check our my Youtube video to get a proper look at all the items I included in the boxes. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and an even cosier Chrismtas eve! 

Chat soon, 



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  1. Pam Long
    December 21, 2017 / 2:10 am

    I am not familiar with the idea of a Christmas Eve box, however I do think I will treat myself to either a new nightgown or pj's to wear on the 24th. Along with some bath bombs and new pillow cases. Happy Christmas Eve Spa Night to me! Wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas and happy 2018 Catherine!

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