Revamping Christmas Decor with DIY Upgrades

As November’s cool breeze starts to carry whispers of the holiday season, my thoughts naturally turn to the joy of Christmas decorations. This year, I find myself looking for something more than just store-bought ornaments and generic wreaths. I want my home to radiate the warmth of the holidays and my personality and values. Instead of rushing out to buy more decorations, I wanted to look at revamping Christmas decor that I already own with some clever DIY upgrades. 

It’s a desire to infuse the spirit of Christmas with a personal touch that led me to embark on a journey of DIY upgrades for my festive decor. 

Embrace the Christmas spirit while minimizing waste and adding your personal touch to every corner of your home. 

In this blog post, I’ll explore the art of changing outdated Christmas decorations into stylish and trendy pieces with a few creative DIY upgrades. 

christmas wreath

Deck the Halls: Upcycled Ornaments

Turn plain, old ornaments into eye-catching treasures by upcycling them with paint, glitter, and creativity. 

Use metallic spray paints or acrylics to create a trendy ombré effect. Alternatively, add a touch of elegance with faux marble finishes using nail polish and water.

Upcycling ornaments also saves money and brings nostalgia and meaning to your decor. Each piece will also hold memories of your crafty efforts, making them truly unique and special.

Christmas Wreath Renewal: Revamped Door Wreaths

Incorporate new elements into your tired wreaths, from drab to fab. Attach pinecones, berries, and ornaments to the base. Wind battery powered LED lights throughout for a warm and welcoming glow.

A wreath is often the first thing guests see when approaching your home. By revamping it, you also set the tone for a festive and cheerful ambience right from the entrance.


Shining Bright: Customized Christmas Candle Holders

Give old candle holders a makeover with some Epsom salt and Mod Podge. 

Coat the holders with Mod Podge and roll them in Epsom salt for a frosty, textured appearance. Once dry, place candles inside for a cosy, sparkling atmosphere.

Furthermore, candlelight brings a magical touch to any setting, and customized candle holders add an extra layer of charm. Plus, this DIY project is also incredibly simple and budget friendly.

Tree Transformation: Repurposed Tree Skirt

Turn an old tree skirt into a chic and modern centrepiece. Use fabric paint or stencils to add geometric patterns or metallic accents. Alternatively, sew on faux fur trim for a luxurious upgrade.

The tree skirt often gets overlooked, but it’s a prime opportunity to infuse your holiday decor with your style. A revamped skirt can also tie the entire tree’s theme together.

christmas decorations

Glowing Ambiance: Redesigned Christmas String Lights

Enhance your string lights by adding decorative elements. Attach paper flowers, origami figures, or colourful ribbons to the strings. 

Alternatively, create mini holiday-themed silhouettes that hang between the lights.

String lights are a quintessential part of Christmas decor. You create a focal point that exudes creativity and captures the holiday spirit by infusing it with new elements.

christmas gifts

This Christmas season, embark on a DIY journey to transform your worn-out and outdated Christmas decorations into stylish, trendy pieces that reflect your personality. 

Upcycled ornaments, revamped wreaths, customized candle holders, repurposed tree skirts, and redesigned string lights are just a few ways to breathe new life into your holiday decor. 

Embrace the art of creativity, make cherished memories as you craft, and let your home tell a unique holiday story that is both eco-friendly and enchanting. Get stuck into revamping Christmas decor and get into the Christmas spirit!

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