How to paint a little tikes plastic playhouse

I am no stranger to playhouse makeovers, I remember doing this wooden one back in 2019, but I wanted to get my hands on a plastic one. I felt so excited when I was able to find one online for €25. In this post, I will share how to paint a little tikes plastic playhouse. 

Painting plastic is a little more complicated than wood or other materials. However, you can still successfully paint it. 

Have a scroll below to read what I used and how I painted mine.

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Little Tikes Plastic Playhouse Makeover

Sourcing a second-hand plastic playhouse

These little tikes playhouses are expensive, even second-hand ones. I set a search alert on I would get a notification whenever someone would list one for sale.  

Some second-hand playhouses were still around the €100-€150 price point. I knew if I patiently waited, I would get a bargain. When I saw a cubby house listed for €25, I bid straight away, no bargaining, just a bid! 

You can easily dismantle the playhouse to make it easier to transport. The little tikes playhouse is much lighter in comparison to the wooden cubby I painted back in 2019. 

Now, because I have a small car, I rented a van from GoCar for €11. I politely asked my brothers if they would collect it for me. 

Second hand little tikes playhouse
How to paint a little tikes plastic playhouse.

What paint to use on the plastic playhouse

I used Autentico Versante Matt paint on the plastic playhouse. I used this paint on the other cubby house and also on my shed. Since painting both of these in Versante Matt, I have had no problems with the paint range, and it has lasted. 

The Versante Matt range has a built-in primer and is also self-sealing, so no need to wax or varnish after applying. It does have a matt feel, so if you are not a fan of the matt feel, you could try the eggshell paint. However, you will have to use a primer with the eggshell range. 

I used Autentico Versante Matt in the shade Milk for the base of the cubby house. Roughly, I used 1.5 litres of paint. 

For the bricks and rood, I used Autetnico Versante Matt in the shade Blogne Bricks. I used a half-litre tin for this, and I had some paint leftover.

I have an affiliate discount code with Autentico. Use the code DAINTY10 at the checkout for 10% off your order.

What paint to use on little tikes playhouse
Autentico Versante Matt Bologne bricks
Autentico Versante Matt

 Will I have to prime the little tikes plastic playhouse?

Depending on the brand of paint you are using, you may have to prime. For example, if using Colourtrend or Farrow and Ball, I recommend using their primer ranges to get the best adhesion. 

As I used the Versante Matt, I didn’t have to apply a primer. 

Autentico Omni clean

How do I prep the plastic before painting?

To prepare the plastic before painting, use a degreaser to remove dirt and oils. I used Omniclean by Autetnico to wash down the plastic playhouse. As this has been in a garden, it was full of spider and cobwebs, so I gave it a blast of the power washer as well. 

Lightly scuff sand the surface of the playhouse and wipe away any dust before applying the paint. 

Plastic children's playhouse makeover.

Use a spray gun! 

I cannot recommend using a spray gun enough for this project. When I was painting my shed, I purchased this spray gun

Using a spray gun will save you time and paint when painting the playhouse base inside and out. You do not need to water down the paint with this spray gun. 

To paint the bricks, I used an old makeup brush. Painting the bricks was probably the longest part of this project, but pop on a podcast, and you will fly through it. 

Paint Spray Gun.

How to stop the plastic paint from chipping

Your painted plastic playhouse is most at risk to chips in the first few days, as the paint needs to cure. I had smalls lifts of paint around the window and door frame where I had opened them.

Use a brush to touch up these areas and wait a few days before allowing children to play with it, as this will allow the paint to cure. 

Use a hose and soapy water to clean, and avoid using a power washer, and a power washer could cause the paint to lift. 

Childrens toy house makeover
Plastic painted playhouse
Cottage makeover.
Little tikes plastic playhouse makeover
Kids pink playhouse makeover
Kids cottage makeover
Painted plastic playhouse, girly makeover.
Cute pink windows.


Here is my YouTube video sharing how I made over my little tikes plastic playhouse. I hope you find one second-hand, or if you already have one, I hope this inspires you to give it a makeover. 

Please share this post if you found it helpful, and comment below if you have also given one a makeover. 

Thanks for reading, Catherine. 



  1. Sarah
    August 14, 2021 / 9:18 am

    So inspired by this! Hoping I have succeeded on a bid on a house today and Baby 2 will wait long enough to come so I can paint it for my daughter 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the details! Had no idea this was possible before.

  2. daintydressdiaries
    August 14, 2021 / 8:19 pm

    Aw so happy you found the post useful! Happy painting 🎨

  3. Melissa Dankowich
    April 22, 2023 / 4:21 am

    Hey I just found an amazing 2step kids kitchen play set and this thing is in mint condition and has like 3 friggin microwaves I just wanna know what would be best to make it look like a real kitchen remodel for my 4 year old boy for the summer time 🙂 thanks for this inspiring post I hope mine turns out as well as yours did !

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