Cubby Playhouse Makeover

Have I got a fun project for you! This week, I gave a cubby playhouse a makeover. Now that my niece and nephew are at that fun age I wanted to get them a birthday present that they could play with for years to come and also get them out playing in the garden.

I remember as a kid I had a Wendy house and it was my favourite little thing to play in. I originally wanted to get a second-hand playhouse and give it a makeover but I saw that Smyths had recently got in the cubby house. I had seen these cubby houses on Pinterest but they were only available in the US.

I was delighted when I realized they were available in Ireland. These cubby houses are made from wood and are really easy to paint compared to plastic cubby houses. I have a full video sharing all the steps I took to give the cubby playhouse a makeover and I will link it here or you can watch it below at the bottom of this post.

Cubby playhouse makeover

If you do decide to purchase the cubby house then I highly recommend getting home delivery as the item is quite heavy. I would not have been able to fit this in my car and you will need two people to carry it.

It is really easy to assemble. I was able to assemble it by myself but you will need a drill to secure the screws in place. You want to make sure you have all screws properly secured as it is going to be used by children for play.

I set this up in my garden to give it a makeover but it will be leaving and heading to my niece and nephews house. If you need to transport the house you will need to use a van.

Once assembled the cubby house is roughly 5ft high. In Ikea, I noticed they had floor decking that you could use underneath your cubby house if you wanted to make a more stable play area.

Smyths cubby house
How to hack the cubby house

The Paint

To paint my cubby house I choose three colours. For the base colour, I went with Autentico Versante matt in the shade Milk. 

For the door, I used the shade Herbs and for the roof, I used Foggy Venice. The Versante matt paint is really easy to use, I simply applied two coats of paint and allowed it to fully dry.

You do not need to seal this paint once it dries. It will have a matt feel but if you prefer a silky feel then you can use the Autentico eggshell paint instead. I have an affiliate discount code with Autentico, to get 10% off your order use the code DAINTY10 at checkout.

 You can see in detail how I made the curtains and canopy for the cubby house in the video below.

Autentico versante matt
Autentico versante matt
DIY cubby playhouse
Playhouse makeover
Garden party
playhouse makeover
diy playhouse
Cubby playhouse makeover
garden birthday party
Cubby playhouse makeover

I hope you enjoyed this weeks video. If you want to see my niece and nephews reaction I slotted in a few seconds of their reaction in the video below.

Let me know if you have painted something similar. If you are in the US, I think Kmart sold the cubby house and they also have cute cottage playhouses that you could hack. I love seeing what you guys are getting up to, you can tag me on Instagram or comment below.

If you enjoyed this post then you might enjoy my chair DIY where I chopped it up and turned it into a shelf and planter for the garden, you can catch it here.

Thanks for reading, Chat soon, Catherine.

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DIY cubby house makeover before and after
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  1. Steve Nisbet
    May 11, 2024 / 8:23 pm

    Hi there 0 lovely article. We’re thinking of buying one of these for our daughter – live in Scotland UK – hope you dont mind me asking – what height is the door there?

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