DIY High Waist Lounge Shorts

If you are looking for an easy-sew sewing project, then why not try making a pair of shorts. This project is a great beginner project to ease you into dressmaking. In this week’s YouTube video, I am sharing how to make these DIY high waist lounge shorts. I used an old pair of shorts as a template to create a pattern for my DIY high waist lounge shorts. 

DIY Lounge shorts

Have a watch of the video below to see how I created my shorts. 

DIY High Waist Lounge Shorts

Here is a link to the dress fabric I used. I tweaked my pattern so that my shorts would have a lot of movement. I knew that this fabric would be flowy, and I wanted the fabric to drape nicely on the body. I used a thin elastic for my waistband, but you could use a wider elastic on yours. If you are using a cotton fabric or a fabric with more structure, then I recommend not having your sewing pattern as wide. Cotton doesn’t have as much movement compared to the satin fabric I used for my shorts. 

Easy Sew Shorts DIY shorts DIY Easy Sew Shorts Easy Sew Shorts

The shorts I created almost look like a skirt. I love how versatile these shorts are, or I can wear them now as loungewear, or I can wear them in Summer with a cute top. Perfect shorts for cycling my bike in Summer! 

DIY High Waist Shorts DIY High Waist Shorts DIY High Waist Shorts Easy Sew pyjama shorts DIY loungewearDIY Loungewear DIY High Waist Lounge Shorts

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