Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

This year, I decided to put my Christmas tree up early. 2020 has been quite a year, so I decided to brighten my lockdown with some twinkle. I am going to share some Christmas decorating tips in this post. If you are overwhelmed with the thoughts of decorating, then read on.

Christmas Decorating Tips 2020

Pick Your Colour Scheme

When I add to my Christmas decoration collection, I pick items that I love. However, I also keep in mind my colour scheme. I love to have a warm gold and pink theme to the decorations in my living room. I also have a second Christmas tree where I have a gold and purple theme. Whatever your style is, picking a colour theme will give you a polished look in your home. You can also add texture to your decor to add some interest. Decorating your mantel and surrounding room with the same theme and colour palette will create a cohesive look.

Christmas Decor Ideas Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Real Or Fake

I use an artificial Christmas tree. I do love the smell of a real tree, but I prefer to use an artificial tree in my home. I find they are also easier to decorate. Make sure to fluff out each branch when assembling your artificial Christmas tree. You can diffuse essential oils to get that real Christmas tree scent.

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips Christmas Decor 2020 Christmas Trinkets

Lights First

One of my Christmas trees is pre-lit. A pre-lit tree is super handy, however, my living room Christmas tree is bare. I start decorating by adding the lights first. I don’t wrap my lights around the tree. Instead, I start at the bottom and, I go up and down. This makes it easier to remove the lights when you are taking your tree down.

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Hide Gaps With Ribbon And Tree Picks

You can get a wide ribbon from your local haberdashery. If you find your artificial tree has visible gaps, use ribbon in these areas to make them less noticeable. I also recently started using tree picks. I got mine in Dealz a few years ago. They add an extra layer of sparkle and detail to the tree.

Bedroom Christmas Decor

Zig-Zag Your Ornaments

I place my ornaments on the floor and organise them into colours. I then stagger the ornaments back and forth on the tree, starting at my main focal point and working around the tree.

Christmas Nut Crackers Christmas Tree Decorating Tips Cute Christmas Decor Christmas Decor

Have Fun And Don’t Worry About Perfection

Take inspiration from Pinterest and your favourite accounts on Instagram, but don’t compare. Decorating your tree should be fun and unique to your style. I do love when I see peoples Christmas trees with old family ornaments and trinkets that tell a story. Don’t be paralyzed by perfection and have fun with your decorating.

I will pop a YouTube video below where I share how I decorated my home for Christmas. I try to have fun with it and not get too overwhelmed or stressed by the finished result. I hope you enjoy the video and get inspired. Do let me know if you have decorated your home early this year. Click here for more Christmas inspiration.

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  1. daintydressdiaries
    November 12, 2020 / 5:36 pm

    Awww, happy to hear that Gail, I hope you are keeping well x

  2. Gail Friend
    November 12, 2020 / 4:43 pm

    Its a lovely tree. You keep me laughing through all this chaos this year. Something fun to always look forward too 🙂

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