How To Shorten Curtains Easily – Video Tutorial

Have you got curtains that are too long? It can be overwhelming when trying to shorten curtains as there is a lot of fabric to sew. I recently altered my neighbour’s curtains and, I put together a quick YouTube video sharing how to shorten curtains easily. I hope you find this video helpful. I tried to keep it as quick and easy to follow. Hit play on the button below to watch this tutorial.

There are many ways to shorten your curtains. Some people alter from the top, and some adjust the fabric from the bottom. You also have to be careful with the lining. In the video, you will see I stitched the lining to the curtain, make sure, they are both the same length when cutting and sewing to avoid any bulk in the fabric when they hang.

How to shorten curtains

When I am adjusting any length of fabric, I always measure from the bottom. I then mark it all the way around before cutting the fabric. I also make sure to measure the hem so, that is even too. My best tip is to “measure twice and cut once”. Alterations can be overwhelming, but take your time, be patient and measure measure measure!

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