How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets & Create Space

Hands up who watched The Home Edit on Netlfix and got inspired to organize their life! Me too! This week, I tackled my kitchen cabinets. I am going to share how to organize your kitchen cabinets and create more space within them. As always, I have put together a YouTube video to give you some inspiration. 

Kitchen organization


Over a year ago, I decluttered my kitchen presses. I have a habit of hoarding items I do not need. After having a good declutter last year, I noticed some of the cabinets were starting to overflow. 

The 1st thing I do when I am organizing a space is to declutter. I go through all of the items in each cabinet. Any items I do not use, I recycle or donate. Be brutal! I thinned down on the number of cups and glasses that I had as I noticed I never used all of them, so I decided to keep the ones I used the most. 

How To Organise Your Kitchen Cabinets And Make More Space How To Organise Your Kitchen Cabinets And Make More Space

Baskets & Containers

One of the reasons I loved watching The Home Edit was all of the containers they used for storage. I just loved how tidy and organized they made everything look. I purchased a few different sized basket and containers. My kitchen cabinets are not deep, so I had to choose storage containers that would fit. Once I was happy with my decluttering, I organized the items I kept by using different sized baskets and storage containers. 

Here are the links to the ones I used 

If your cabinets have more space, or you have the luxury of a pantry, you can use these clear containers for storing your cereals or kinds of pasta.  

Kitchen storage containers and baskets

Store Elsewhere

Short on space? See if you can create space in another area of the home to store items you don’t use every day. I keep my large bag of pet food in a nook as it takes up too much space in my cabinets. You can also take pots and pans out of your drawers and hang them, this frees up valuable storage space and creates a display too. Use the free space on the sides of your cabinets to hang some hooks and use this space for storage. Hang mugs from hooks on the underside of shelves to free up cabinet space. 

how to organize your kitchen cabinets

The Junk Drawer

My junk drawer tends to be a home for the most random but also the most important items in the house. I found my passport, batteries and garden seeds in my junk drawer. I added baskets to my junk drawer and divided up my items to store like with like. I removed anything that was life admin or bills to my office. I made a folder for those items and, I now keep these in my office. 

how to organize your kitchen cabinets



Get Inspired

I put together a YouTube video where I share how to organize your kitchen cabinets. I also have a decluttering playlist full of videos, where I have tackled the messy corners of my home. I find watching cleaning and organizing videos on Youtube so motivating. Click here for the playlist. Please hit the subscribe button of you enjoy my channel and a cheeky share and thumbs up. 

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  1. daintydressdiaries
    November 6, 2020 / 6:01 pm

    Aw, thank you Debbie x

  2. Debbie
    October 30, 2020 / 9:57 am

    I always get inspired Katherine by your wonderful and helpful ideas.
    You’re a real doll. Big ❤

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