DIY sequin Christmas stockings

How to make your own sequin Christmas sock

This year I changed up my Christmas decor as I wanted to use more blush and rose gold tones. So, I decided to update my Christmas stockings and I am sharing how to make some DIY sequin Christmas stockings. These were really easy to make. Don’t worry if you do not have a sewing machine as you can hand sew these stockings.

I have a Youtube video below and you can have a look and see how I made my stockings.

I also have more images of them in their new home down below to share with you.

DIY sequin Christmas stockings

I picked up the sequin fabric for this DIY from Hickeys. This is actually a dress fabric and I used some iron-on interfacing to make the fabric stiffer. You can see how I achieved this in the Youtube video here. I also used a €1.50 Christmas stocking from Dealz as my template for a stocking.

You can draw out your own template but I decided to use this cheap sock as my template. I cut my fabric to size, applied the interfacing and then with the right sides facing together I brought my sock to the machine.

I then applied the cuff and ribbon. This is kind of hard to explain so check out the video to see how I applied the faux fur cuff. 

How to make Christmas Socks
Sequin Christmas Socks
DIY Christmas Socks

Once I was happy with my socks I added some bows to give them some more detail. I applied these to the back seams of the sock but you can get really creative and have fun adding some bling to your sock.

I then styled them up on my mantlepiece. I popped in some plastic bags that I had in my cupboard to make them nice and full.
I had originally gotten my idea for these socks from Becca over at She had made fab sequin stockings for her home so I decided to use her socks as my inspiration for this project.

Blush sequin Christmas socks
DIY Christmas Sock

I hope you liked this week’s DIY. Do let me know if you have a go at making these and tag me over on Instagram with your pictures. Have you started to decorate your home for Christmas? If you want more DIY Christmas ideas then click this link here. 

Thanks for reading! Chat soon,Catherine.

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DIY Sequin Christmas Socks

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  1. Marie Arden
    December 17, 2018 / 6:21 pm

    Very pretty I enjoy your creations and trips. I have a white cat too. Your flat is so cute!!

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