Five things you can do to feel good for free

Today I am sharing my five things you can do to feel good for free. Everything from gratitude to getting lost in nature I am sharing the things that make me feel good and best of all they cost me nothing. Looking after our wellbeing is so important nowadays, there is so much noise around us with social media and busy working schedules. It’s important that we take time for ourselves to recharge our batteries. I also teamed up with Laura from and we put together a Youtube video each sharing our tips for wellbeing and what we like to do to feel good. I will link both of our videos at the bottom of this post for you to check out. 


For me, the quickest way to change up my energy and feel better is to practise gratitude. Whether I have had a tough day or a great day I like to jot down my list of things I am grateful for. It also puts things into perspective. Nowadays we all want more but I have been learning to be grateful and appreciate the things I have in the here and now. I like to keep a notebook in my bedroom or office so I can jot down the things I am grateful for each day. I try and become grateful for the smallest of things each day. If you practise gratitude daily you will notice your energy shift over time. Practising gratitude really helps on a bad day. If I have had a tough day or someone has been mean I thank them and try and find the lesson.

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude” – Steve Maraboli

Nurture yourself in nature

One of my favourite things to do is to visit parks or gardens and the great thing is they are mostly free to visit. I love to switch my phone off and go on a trail and simply listen to the sounds around me. Sometimes I will stop and sit on a bench and try to become still and simply watch the people pass by. You could even bring a book with you. Nothing makes me feel better than getting out and getting some fresh air. Even if the weather is bad I still try to get out, even if it is just for a quick twenty-minute walk after work. If you are overwhelmed or stressed in work then a quick walk on your lunch break is great for calming down.

The magic of music

Music is so powerful, a sad song can have me crying whereas an upbeat dance song can have me feeling giddy. I love popping on my favourite playlist and drifting off into a daydream. Whether I am cleaning the house or exercising I love picking a playlist that suits my mood. My favourite has to be the 80s and 90s pop throwbacks. Nothing beats a bit of Nsync nostalgia.

Reach out to friends and family

Pop the kettle and pick up the phone or invite your friend or family around. Chatting is free and we all have that one friend who we can have a chat with and feel so much better afterwards. I prefer person to person contact over texting. We spend so much time online on social media but this can actually make us feel more isolated. Nothing beats the feeling of connection from chatting in person with your friends and family.

Pamper yourself and feel pretty

Nowadays we can be so busy and we forget to stop and take some time for ourselves. I love when I take an hour or so to rummage through the bathroom cabinet and use up the beauty items that I had forgotten about. I love to take some time and run a bath, apply a hair and face mask then apply some fake tan. You feel instantly better when you give yourself some TLC. Sometimes even stopping to apply a nice body moisturiser is a boost as most mornings I am rushing out the door. I also love to rummage through my wardrobe and pull out my favourite dresses or skirts and wear a nice outfit to work that day. Sometimes when I take the extra time to look after myself and pop on my fave outfit it gives me an instant boost.

I hope you got some ideas and motivation from today’s post. It’s so important to take some time out for ourselves each day and these are some of the things I do on a daily basis to make sure I keep my tank full. If you enjoyed this post then you might also enjoy this one about social media and your mental health, you can find it here. 

I will pop both mine and Laura’s videos below for you to check out. 

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nice things you can do to feel good for free

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