Dubai Miracle Gardens and Butterfly Gardens

 A miracle garden in the Dubai desert

Today’s post is one for the garden lovers and will make you want to run and plant Pansies on your roof! When researching places to visit in Dubai, I stumbled across a picture of a giant Emirates aeroplane on Instagram. When I delved a little deeper I discovered that this floral display was in in fact in the Dubai desert. I made sure to pop it in my itinerary for my recent trip. I have put together two Vlogs on my recent trip to Dubai where I jam-packed my trip with loads of places to explore. I will make sure to link them at the end of the post. 

It was really easy to get to the Miracle Gardens. I was staying in the Jumeirah Emirates tower hotel and a taxi from my hotel to the miracle gardens was roughly €12-€15. It took me around twenty minutes to travel to the gardens. I headed out early to the gardens as I didn’t want it to be too crowded. It cost me 55 Dirhams which is roughly €12 to go inside and I spent roughly 3-4 hours in total here exploring all of the displays. 

When I first walked in, the surroundings took my breath away and I actually wanted to cry because it was that beautiful. The explosion of colour when I walked in instantly lifted my mood and the smell of the flowers was amazing. The miracle gardens are most popular for the giant Emirates aeroplane. However, they have a little village of tiny cottage displays that are floor to the roof covered in flowers, I loved these floral cottages more than the actual aeroplane. So much maintenance must go into maintaining these displays. There wasn’t a deadhead or weed in sight. I also didn’t see people maintaining them so the gardeners must come in early before they open and then again after they close. If you want to take some photos then I would recommend going in the late afternoon around 4. I went early and the sun was quite harsh so if you’re like me and love photographing flowers then I recommend going in the evening when the sun isn’t as harsh. 

There was plenty of little kiosks dotted around where you could grab a juice, coffee or a burger. I sat underneath the floral love arches whilst sipping a freshly juiced apple juice. I could have sat there all day. A lot of the displays features annual plants. There weren’t many perennial flowers as I imagine they are hard to grow in the desert and harsh heat. There was lots of Petunias, Pansies and Sunflowers. 

The Miracle Gardens would be perfect for families too. When I was there ai noticed a few school tours of young children and seeing their faces when they explored the gardens was priceless. I really felt like I was in Alice and Wonderland. Just be mindful that you cannot touch or go inside any of the displays and there are plenty of security ( one of which who kindly took my photo in front of my goal cottage). 

The Butterfly Gardens

Right beside the Miracle Gardens was the Butterfly Gardens. The Butterfly Gardens are seperate to the Miracle Gardens and you have to pay a seperate entrance fee. The entrance fee is also 55 Dirhams (€12) and I found it to be really good value. I too had seen pictures of the Butterflies on Intagram. I was nervous to go in as I know if you touch a butterflies wing they will die so I didn’t want it to be cruel. However, it was not and they are strict on you touching the butterflies. You are allowed to pic them up but you are not allowed to touch their wings. 

I found the Butterfly Gardens really fascinating. There are four dome-shaped rooms and in each room there are different breeds of butterfly. You also can read up on the life cycle of the butterfly. I spent roughly an hour and a half walking through the four dome-shaped rooms. The last room was my favourite. 

The butterflies fly freely around you. There was plenty of plants and fruit for them to forage on and hide in. Some of them would land on my dress and others would just happily sit on your arm. It really was a magical place to visit. I know some people are freaked out by butterflies but this really was fascinating. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I really enjoyed getting lost in both of these gardens and I highly recommend visiting these if you are a garden lover. I will link both of my Dubai Vlogs below where you can check out the gardens and see all there beauty in person. Don’t forget to subscribe! 

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  1. Robinson Taylor
    January 8, 2019 / 8:58 am

    Hi Catherine! I loved your post & appreciate the hard work of clicking those mesmerizing images of Dubai Miracle Garden & Butterfly Garden. As I read & saw the images, I felt I traversed through Dubai Garden once again. I am planning to visit Dubai miracle garden 2019 Edition as one visit is not enough to soak the serenity of this paradise. The displays & themes are altered every year & I can’t wait to see what it has in store for the visitors this year. All the best for your future travels. Keep writing, keep inspiring.

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