#2015bestnine the best of 2015

Hi everyone.So with everyone sharing the #2015bestnine over on Instagram it motivated me to share some of my top posts for you from this year. There was a lot of upcycle projects this year in the home with me getting my master bedroom done and my stairs done also, some fab chair make overs and a few guilt free home ware hauls. As usual a few tea dress fashion posts snuck in so here I will share my fave posts with the links to the full posts. 

1. My painted fabric chair. 

So this little upcycle was done back in June, this was my first attempt of painting fabric and it was on a chair I had got for free that was heading to the skip so I had nothing to lose and gained a lovely pink chair and saved a fortune compared to reupholstering. 

Painting fabric?

2. My upvc painted door. 

This was another really popular post as it was a little tutorial on painting upvc which is something not a lot of people would of known that you can do. 

Hand painted cottage chic upvc door.

3. Dresses.ie wedding guest style. 

So this post was special to me as it got shared by dresses.ie, they had kindly invited me to my first ever “blogger” event and were so kind and nice to me and boosted my confidence in my ability to blog, I wore this dress in October to a wedding in Belingham castle.

Autumn wedding guest style.

4. One fab day vintage wedding fair. 

Now I know I have to ring on my left pinky but that still doesn’t stop me creeping on wedding fairs, this one was amazing for inspiration and I go to meet the fab Miss Hippenings Laura Cunningham and my fave Moss Cottage. 

One fab day #theglitterstudio

5. Floating tea cup tutorial. 

This is another fave crafty make. This was a really popular post with the wedding DIY ladies.  I had the pleasure of making these for a lady I work with, I do get people asking me if I make them to sell but unfortunately at the moment I can’t source teacups cheap enough to make. 

My floating tea cup tutorial.

6. My retro shoot with boudoir girls. 

This was a collaboration with the stunning Natalie from Boudoir girls in Galway. I’m far from a model and she made me feel like a 1950’s house wife in this shoot and the gorgeous Danielle Mahon done my make up for this shoot. 

My retro shoot with Boudoir girls.

7. My upcycled fireplace.

This was an upcycle from the start of the year and something I had been wanting to do for ages. Completely transformed my living room and I haven’t looked back. 

My upcycled fireplace.

8. Tesco living homeware haul. 

Sharing my home ware hauls was really popular this year and any excuse for me to keep shopping, there comes a time in your life when all that excites you is nice fancy home ware nik naks. 

Tesco living homeware hauls.

9. My upcycled vintage chair. 

Anybody who knows me knows I love a good up cycled chair. This was one I done up to match in with my master bedroom and is the same shade as the painted fabric chair. 

My up cycled vintage chair.

Another highlight (well I wouldn’t call it a highlight) was getting my surgery on my thumb in August. That slowed me down with the crafting but didn’t stop me posing. 

This was quickly mended and I am pleased to say my thumb is fixed and I am back crafting up a storm. 

What has been your highlights from 2015?

Please share your fave posts and links to your blog/instagram in the comments section below. 

See you all in 2016!

Love Catherine. 


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