My upcycled vintage chair.

Hi everyone!

I just want to share a little chair I have been working on this week. 
It's for my master bedroom which I am still working on!! But hey? Rome wasn't built in a day so I gotta be patient. 

As I work full time I sometimes find it hard to get the time to paint but generally I try do an hour an evening or a piece on my day off. 

I experimented with a bit of pink for this chair to break up the other bedroom items that are painted in a warm white shade called "vanille"
I actually mixed two shades of chalk paint for this chair. 
I had some antique pink which was too pink, so I mixed it with some of the cream vanille which turned it into a softer baby pink. 
The little cushion is one I stitched from my last blog post and that fabric is from hickeys. 

Here is a before pic, as you can see it was a beautiful warm shade but just had seen better days and was full of old paint spots. 

This chair was a little out of my comfort zone as I didn't want it to be too perfect but didn't want to over do it with distressing. 
A lot of the other items in the room are plain colours so wanted this chair to add a bit of vintage shabby! 

The top of this chair has beautiful detailing which I wanted to bring out. 
I got a light piece of sandpaper and lightly sanded to distress. 
I then dry brushed on some gold paint to add a bit of depth to the detailing.

I sealed the chalk paint with clear wax. However I might get some wax that I seen that had flecks of shimmer in it as I think it would look gorgeous over the detailing on the top of the chair. 
Il keep you posted! 

Thanks for reading. 
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