Floating tea cup tutorial.

Have I got a fun tutorial for the teacup lovers today!
So I got lost in Pinterest and stumbled across some 'floating/flying' teacups.
A lady in a shabby chic group I follow on Facebook had also made one and I had to try it.
This one below was my first attempt and I was surprised by how quick it was to actually make.
If like me your already thinking about Christmas presents then this would be a gorgeous gift for the teacup lover.
These would be perfect also for weddings and tea parties
How adorable would these be on tables?

** I have since made a youtube video if you'd like to check it out. 

What you will need?
A tea cup of your choice.
A fork, wire or cable.
Some artificial flowers, pearls or anything you would like to stick on.
A glue gun or strong glue such as no more nails
I am a teacup addict so I had plenty of cups to choose from but check your local charity shop or buy and sell page and get a cheap second hand one.

You can get artificial flowers from the local pound shop or Ikea have nice ones.

I used a fork but on Pinterest I seen others used some cable, I went with the fork as it was all I had.
Bend your fork and position it on the saucer, when happy use your glue to stick, I used a hot glue gun. 
Then glue the top of the fork to the tea cup.
I highly recommend the glue gun for this as it dries quick. 

The picture above was my first attempt and a little tip, center the fork more on the plate than I did, mine was slightly off balance as I didn't center my fork.
Also for my second attempt, I positioned the cup lower on the fork and this made it much more stable.
It might be a bit trial and error depending on the size and weight of the cup.
The picture below was my second attempt and that was much more stable and didn't topple over. 

Don't worry about being neat with your glue as it will all be covered with flowers.

Start covering the fork with your flowers.
I started with the leaves and built up the the rose buds.

Don't forget to cover the back and sides and have fun glueing it all together. 
I just used flowers but adding the old jewellery like pearls and some bling would be stunning, you could even add some lace fabric if you're making them for a wedding. 

Here is a little tip, if like me you went wrong and your cup is slightly off balance, glue some pennies to the base of a saucer and it will stop it falling over. Make sure to glue the pennies were there not going to be seen. 

I think these look like something from Alice in wonderland! Perfect for anybody having a mad hatters tea party.
I love finding new ways to use old china tea cups. 
I hate seeing them hidden in peoples attics. 
Please share your tea cup up cycles and let me know what you think. 

Don't forget to tag me in your projects and leave the link to your blog in the comments section for me to check out. Also, Check out my Youtube and Instagram for more interior projects and pictures. 

Chat soon,



  1. Catherine I love it, these would make awesome centre pieces for an afternoon tea!
    Siobhan xx

    1. Aw thanks so much Siobhan. I need to stay off Pinterest! I keep seeing too much cute stuff to make!

  2. I love these!! Great tutorial!! monte

  3. Thank you so much for the tutorial. It's absolutely beautiful! I've never seen anything like this can't wait to give it at a try.

  4. Brilliant thankyou,i am now addicted to these and can't stop making them,i used a hot glue gun but 2 days on and my cup has fallen off :( do you think it is the shiny surface? should I try and sandpaper a little first? x

    1. Yes it could be! Also I find "no more nails" really good at holding them. You let them set overnight x

  5. Great tutorial. Can't wait to try making some. Wish me luck

  6. Very pretty, I loved it.Thanks for the lesson .

  7. How much to buy ? Including postage ?

  8. I just loved your tutorial. I am going to try one of the floating tea cup projects!
    Thank you so much!


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