DIY faux terracotta vase from an old porridge tin

Rummaging in the rubbish for something to use in a project is quite common in my house. If you have seen my previous DIY my rubbish projects, you will be familiar with my love of recycling projects. In this post, let me share a quick video on how I got a faux terracotta paint effect on a porridge tin. 

Now, I won’t lie, as this project was an experiment as it was my first time trying to achieve a faux terracotta effect. I had seen loads of painted terracotta projects online, and I wanted to try it for myself. 

Faux terracotta effect vase.
DIY my rubbish.

Watch the video below to see how I achieved this faux terracotta vase.

What you need to create this faux terracotta project 

  • A circular drum (like a porridge or pringles tin) 
  • Terracotta spray paint ( or red/orange chalk paint)
  • Tester pots of white/cream paint
  • Sponge 
  • Faux flowers

I already had some terracotta spray paint in my craft stash, and I gave the porridge tin two coats of spray paint. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have terracotta spray paint, as you can mix tester pots of paint to get that orange tone. Use a sponge, brush or roller to apply your base colour.

Once the terracotta paint had dried, I used a sponge to stipple some white paint onto the top to add detail. I was heavy-handed with my white paint, but I used a dry sponge to blend it out. 

I had some aged terracotta pots in the garden, so I used them as my inspiration. They had some white detail on them and moss from the weather. 

Faux terracotta vase.
Tester pots of paint. getting a faux terracotta paint effect.
DIY my rubbish.

Styling your vase

If you would like to use real flowers, you could insert a glass of water that will fit inside the vase and add your flowers of choice. 

I had some old dried flowers in my stash, and I styled them inside the vase for a rustic look. You could pop in some dried lavender or dried grasses for a rustic look and add them to your table for a pretty tablescape.

Dried flowers have become really popular, and I have noticed them in florists and garden centres. You can also pick them up on Etsy. 

Dried flowers.
Faux terracotta paint effect vase.
Rustic dried floral display.

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I hope you got lots of inspo in this post. Please share it amongst your community if you found it inspiring, and check out the 3-minute video above to see how mine turned out. 

Thanks for reading, Chat soon, Catherine. 


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