How I painted my UPVC front door

Back in 2016, I painted my white UPVC front door, and in this post, I will share how well it lasted and how I gave it a refresh. If you are thinking of painting your front door, but you are put off because it is UPVC, have a read below to get some inspiration. 

A new door can be expensive, and as there was nothing physically wrong with mine, it seemed wasteful to change it just because I didn’t like the colour. So, I did some research online, and I bit the bullet and painted it. 

Painted UPVC front door with Colourtrend green paint and gold accessories and knocker.

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What is UPVC?

UPVC is also known as PVC and PVCU. However, they are all referring to the same plastic building material. 

UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, and this plastic material is strong, lightweight and low maintenance. 

UPVC ( or Pvc) became increasingly popular as an alternative to painted timber because of its many benefits, such as having strong resistance against chemicals, sunlight and oxidisation from water. 

This material is ideal for double glazed windows and doors because of it’s low-cost and low maintenance. UPVC can also be used in other areas, such as downpipes, guttering and fascias. 

I have UPVC windows in my bungalow and a large window with a fascia in the front, and I love how easy it is to clean. I can power wash them, and they haven’t discoloured over time. My home was built in early 2000, and the UPVC items still look like new once cleaned. 

Primer for UPVC door.

Can I paint a UPVC front door?

Yes, with some preparation and the correct primer, you can paint your UPVC door. The front door is like a handshake of the home, and I wanted mine to have a warm colour that would compliment my interior decor. 

UPVC now comes in many different colours. However, if you are like me and didn’t buy your home from new, and couldn’t pick the shade, then painting is an option. 

Preparing a UPVC door for paint.

How can I paint my PVC front door?

Begin by cleaning the door of any dirt and grime. Use a degreaser or sugar soap to clean the surface before lightly sanding. 

Use fine-grit sandpaper to lightly key the surface. UPVC is a smooth surface, and you want the paint to have something to grip onto. Wipe away any dust from sanding. 

Apply one or two coats of a primer designed to be used on UPVC. Allow the primer to dry before applying your topcoat. 

Apply two coats of your chosen topcoat, and I recommend a paint with a satin or eggshell finish. I do not recommend painting your UPVC with chalk paint or paint with a matt finish, as you want it to be easy to clean.

Choose paint with a UV filter to prevent the colour from discolouring over time from the sun. 

Back in 2016, I used Autentico primer and eggshell finish paint in the shade Frozen Fountain. In 2021, I repainted the door and used Colortrend Prime 2 and Eggshell finish topcoat in the shade “Keystone”. 

Something to also note, don’t paint your door or other outdoor pieces after the temp drops. Painting your front door is a Summer project as once the temp drops, the paint will take longer to dry and cure. 

Colourtrend Keystone on front UPVC door

How can I stop my painted door from chipping?

By carrying out a good prep and taking the time to prime, you will prevent your paint job from chipping, and it will last longer. 

My paint job from back in 2016 had no chips, and I was able to clean it each year. I repainted it this year, as I had leftover paint from a cabinet in my hallway and wanted to darken the tone of green. 

How to stop pvc door from chipping

What primer should I use to paint UPVC?

There are now many primers on the market designed for use on tricky surfaces like UPVC and tiles. Like all paint, if you are unsure, do a test patch. 

On past projects, I have used primers from Zinnser, Bloxx-It, Colourtrend, Farrow & Ball and Benjamin Moore. 

I try to use a primer and topcoat made by the same brand, as these are designed to work with each other. 

Primers are more watery compared to your topcoat. So take extra time when applying your primer and watch out for drips. It’s always better to apply two thin coats of paint than one gloopy coat. 

For my recent front door refresh, I used Colourtrend Prime2 and Colourtrend topcoat in the shade “Keystone” with an eggshell finish. 

Painted green front door.

If I can paint my door, can I paint my UPVC windows too?

So, technically yes. However, windows take more of a bashing from the elements ( especially the Irish Winter), and paint will naturally deteriorate over time. 

Choose paint with a UV filter to prevent it from bleaching or discolouring from the sun. 

I have seen people paint their UPVC windows, but for me, I wouldn’t. Look at other ways to pimp your window by painting the window sill or surrounding concrete with a complimentary shade. 

Add some bee bling to your door!

To add a bit of bling to my door, I sprayed my handle and letterbox. I unscrewed both the handle and letterbox and applied a coat of primer followed by two coats of bright gold spray paint by Rust-Oleum. 

My friend Joanne had told me that having gold accessories on your door was good for feng shui, as apparently, it welcomes abundance into your home. 

I purchased this trendy bee knocker ( click here for the link). To attach it to the door, I drilled two small holes into the door and screwed the bee knocker into the door to secure it. 

Gold handles and bee knocker on front door
DIY tiled front step.
DIY tiled front step.
DIY tiled front step.
DIY tiled front step.

DIY tiled step, click here to watch

My small step was looking very shabby, it was grubby, and the whole entrance needed a good clean. Check out this video, where I share how I tiled my front step. 

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for painting your UPVC front door. Have fun with the colour you pick and pimp your porch. If you have any other questions, pop them below, and I will do my best to answer them. 

Chat soon, Catherine. 


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