Easy DIY Ikea tiled table inspired by Tik Tok

While I feel like I am way too old for Tik Tok, I love seeing the creative decor trends that pop up on the platform. One of them was the Tik Tok DIY tiled table trend #tiledtable. However, the DIY Ikea tiled table I created is not on-trend, but I wanted to share how you can take an idea and make it your own. 

The tiled tables you see from Tik Tok are a great way to practise tiling. A perfect project for beginner tilers. While I love the tables people are creating, they aren’t my style of decor. 

I had an old Ikea TÄRNÖ bistro set that was a little worse for wear. So, I took the idea from Tik Tok, and I created a new tiled tabletop for my Ikea table. 

DIY Tik TOk TIled Table Idea using an Ikea tarno bistro set.

How to hack an Ikea TÄRNÖ into a tiled table

For the first part of this Ikea TÄRNÖ makeover, I created a new tabletop that would sit on top of the old one. 

Here are the items I used for creating the tabletop. 

The Portuguese inspired tiles are from B&Q, but I couldn’t find a link for them online. However, I purchased them from the tile section in B&Q Liffey valley. They also came in other colours. 

Tik Tok Tiled Table how to. Supplies needed.
making a tiled table using Portuguese tiles. Ikea hack. Measuring the base.
Ikea tiled table DIY.
Cutting a sheet of MDF with Ryobi multi media circular saw tool.

How to tile the tabletop

Begin by placing the four sheets of tiles on the sheet of MDF. Use a ruler to measure and mark where you need to cut. This way avoids you cutting any tiles, and the tabletop will be slightly larger than the original Ikea one. 

I used my mini circular saw to cut the sheet of MDF. If you do not have any tools to cut wood, you can get free cutting services in some hardware stores. B&Q Liffey Valley has a free wood cutting service. 

Mix your ready mix tiled adhesive and spread it onto the sheet of MDF. Lay the four sheets of tiles onto the MDF and use tile spacers where needed. 

Allow the tile adhesive 24 hours to dry before grouting. 

After the tiles had dried and before grouting, I measured and cut four pieces of wooden trim to size to create a frame. 

You can see in this YouTube video how I attached the trim, but I used some wood glue and tacked it in with some nails.  

Once the trim was attached, I started grouting. Grouting was oddly satisfying, and grouting a flay surface was perfect for my first time. 

I used the grout float to smooth the grout into the gaps between the tiles. I allowed it some time to set before I used a sponge to wipe away any excess. The next day I polished the tiles and removed any remaining grout from the tiles. 

DIY tiled ikea table inspired by Tik Tok.
Ikea bistro set hack.
Portuguese tiles

How to paint the Ikea TÄRNÖ Bistro set

While my adhesive and grout were setting, I worked on the frame of the Ikea TÄRNÖ to change the colour. This Ikea bistro set comes in different colours. However, when I purchased them a few years ago, I got the black colour. 

I had left my Ikea bistro set outside in Winter, and it had become grubby and mossy. So, I used my power washed to clean the wood before using an oil wax on the wooden slats. 

I used my drill driver to remove the wooden slats from the frame. 

Using fine-grit sandpaper, I lightly sanded the frame and applied two coats of Autentico Versante matt in the shade Kiwi. This paint was leftover from last weeks Ikea Ivar makeover. 

Ikea tarno bistro set. How to paint an ikea table and chairs.
Ikea tarno bistro set. How to paint an ikea table and chairs.
Ikea tarno bistro set. How to paint an ikea table and chairs.

How to lighten wood without bleaching it

Another trend I have seen online is using bleach to lighten wooden furniture. I find the smell of bleach overpowering, so this is a trend that isn’t for me. Let me share how you can bleach wood without bleach. 

Firstly you can use watered-down white paint (ratio 50/50) to whitewash the wood. You can then seal it with a water-based clear varnish. 

I used wax oil to get that bleached effect on my wood. For the wooden slats, I used a product by Autetnico called Grandiose, and this product is a wax oil. So, it offers protection to the wood as well as getting the effect you want. 

Autentico Grandiose wax oil is slightly different to paint. It takes longer to dry and cure, and you have to be careful of your rags and tools when using it. 

If you want to read more about Autetnico Grandiose wax oil,  then click here. 

Autentico Grandiose wax oil
Autentico Grandiose wax oil

Putting the DIY tiled table together

Once all my pieces were dry, I carefully assembled them back together. Freshly painted furniture is most vulnerable in the first few days, as they are prone to chipping and dents while the paint cures. 

I carefully screwed the wooden slats back into the frame of the Ikea bistro set. 

I sat the new tabletop onto the old Ikea tabletop, and I used the old tabletop as a base for the new. I used some small screws to drill the underneath of the new tabletop to the old one. 

easy diy tiled tik tok table. Cottagecore style with Portuguese tiles.
painted ikea bistro set. Ikea tarno hack.
easy diy tiled tik tok table. Cottagecore style with Portuguese tiles.
easy diy tiled tik tok table. Cottagecore style with Portuguese tiles.
easy diy tiled tik tok table. Cottagecore style with Portuguese tiles.
easy diy tiled tik tok table. Cottagecore style with Portuguese tiles.

Click here to watch my YouTube video sharing the full process of my DIY Ikea tiled table.

Let me know if you have got hit with inspiration from viral Tik Tok decor trends. I don’t have the app installed on my phone or even have an account, as I know I will go down a very long scroll hole. 

I love how creative these platforms can be, but I always say that the magic is in the making and the present. So, if you see fun things online, have a go at trying them. Less watching, more making! that is my motto. 

Please share in the comments below if you have made a Tik Tok tiled table, or if you took the idea like I did and made it my own. 

Thanks for reading, Chat soon, Catherine. 


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