How to revive old grout for less than £25

This week I decided to tackle my old tiles to freshen them up. My tiles were already in my home when I moved in. The grout was a dark cement colour and almost looked discoloured. I had looked online for ideas on how to revive them. I did experiment with the baking soda method but it didn’t really lift the grout. When searching online I stumbled across a paint-like product for less than £25 and I decided to give it a try.

How to revive old grout

Using The Paint

I followed the instructions on the back of the bottle. To prep my tiles I made sure to hoover and mop the night before. I then applied the paint using an old makeup brush. I used a wet drop cloth to wipe away any excess paint that got onto the tile. I made sure to paint just the grout. This paint had a quick drying time, the surface was touch dry within 15 minutes, however, you had up to 60 mins to wipe away any residue from the tiles. You do have to wait 48 hours to clean your tiles. After the 48 hours, I hoovered and mopped my tiles as normal and I had no issues. For best results, they recommend doing two coats. I only did one coat as I had such a large area to do. In the future, I may do a second coat to top up the colour if it doesn’t wear well.

Revive old grout How to paint groutHow to revive old grout for less than £25

It is has been over a month since I tackled this job, and I can happily report that I had no chipping of the paint. Only time will tell how long it will last but I take it as a good sign when I get no chips or issues straight away. You can find the exact paint I used here.

How to revive old grout for less than £25 How to revive old grout for less than £25

How to revive old grout for less than £25

Check out my YouTube video below where I share the details on how I achieved the end result. Overall the floor area looks so much larger and cleaner. Even my brother noticed and he fails to notice most changes in my home lol. He thought I re-grouted the floor. Anyway, I hope you get some value from the video below and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for notifications on new videos. Want more home inspiration? Check out some other home projects by clicking here.


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