Upcycled Mirror Makeover, How To Paint A Mirror

My fireplace was looking a little bare. So, I took this second-hand mirror, and I gave it a makeover. Sometimes, I find it hard to style my mantlepiece. I knew I needed something more on the mantle, and when I saw this mirror, I knew it was the one. Also, I will share details on how to paint a mirror within this post.

The best part of the mirror makeover was it cost me nothing. I got the mirror for free and used the paint I had from my fireplace makeover. To read more about how to paint your fireplace surround, click here.

Create a search alert on second-hand apps to find freebies. You have to be quick, but you can get some treasure. Also, try the Facebook marketplace and see what you can find second-hand in your local area.

You can also catch my mirror makeover in the YouTube video at the end of this post. Also, I hope it gives you inspiration for styling your mantlepiece.

Painted mantle mirror makeover.

How To Paint A Mirror & Give It A Makeover

Before painting your mirror, give the frame of the mirror a deep clean. My mirror had paint on the wood frame. So, I brought it outside and scrubbed it with soapy water and a wire sponge. 

Remove as much grime from your piece before painting. I also checked for wax, as your paint will not stick to the wax. It took me half an hour to scrub my mirror. I rinsed off excess suds and allowed the mirror to dry in the garden. 

I lightly scuff sanded the frame of the mirror with medium-grit sandpaper. Using a brush, I brushed away the dust before priming.  

You can use painters tape to tape the glass of the mirror. I skipped this step and used a small paintbrush instead. 

upcycled second hand mirror.
How to paint a mirror.

Applying Primer To The Mirror

Using a brush, I applied one coat of primer to the frame of the mirror. It is always better to do light coats and not heavy applications of paint. The primer will help stop the old paint job from bleeding. It also gives a good base for the topcoat to stick.

Allow the primer to dry completely before applying the topcoat. I used the Colourtrend Prime 2 as my primer. 

The primer feels matt to touch when dry. It will prevent any oils from bleeding through and help prevent paint from peeling and chipping. 

Mirror painted in Primer.
White painted mirror.

What Paint Should I Use To Paint My Mirror

I used Colourtrend “Cherished White” in a satin finish to paint my mirror. My fireplace surround is in this shade, and I wanted to paint the mirror to match. 

I applied two coats of paint to the mirror and allowed it to dry before styling the mirror. 

You can choose any paint finish for your mirror. Chalk paint gives a matt finish that is easy to distress and adds detail. Satin, eggshell and gloss paint will have different levels of sheen. It all depends on the effect and result with which you want to achieve. 

Second hand mirror makeover.

How To Style Your Mantlepiece

To style my mantle, I began with placing the mirror and getting that straight and centred. My mirror frame is heavy and won’t fall off easily. However, attach your mirror to the wall if you have children or pets that like to climb.  

I then used home decor accessories I already had in my stash. I started with the large items and placed the faux flowers on either side of the mirror. 

Working from the middle out, large to small, I positioned my trinkets how I like them. As it is now Spring, I picked a lighter colour palette. The faux cherry blossom vase is from Marks & Spencer. However, I did get this a few years ago, and unsure if still in stock. 

Spring mantle. makeover.
Faux cherry blossom flower.
How to style your mantlepiece.
white painted mirror.
White cottage living room decor. How to style your mantlepiece.
White painted fireplace and mantle. How to style your mantlepiece.

I love how the mirror makeover transformed the mirror into an item that looks specially made for my fireplace. With the weather starting to get milder, I won’t be using my fire as much as I was during Winter. However, I will stock up on some logs and display them in the basket. I hope you got some ideas on how to style your mantlepiece.

Check out my video below for a closer look at the mirror makeover and my mantle styling. I hope you got inspiration from this post, and please share on your social media platforms if you did.
Thanks for reading! Catherine.


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  1. Jo
    April 1, 2021 / 8:03 pm

    Oh, my gosh! I LOVE that mirror! It’s perfect for your mantel and the styling is just lovely. I was just thinking the other day that I wish we had some “flea markets” around here where you can barter with the seller on the price. We do have a good selection of antique stores in the area but they tend to mark things up past my budget. I like your suggestion of FB Marketplace. I’ll have to start checking it more regularly. Thanks for sharing the mirror, Catherine … I know it will inspire a lot of people!

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