Budget DIY’s, How To Decoupage!

In this week’s Youtube video I am sharing two craft techniques. I am hacking some budget Poundland items and I am showing you how to make a pretty decoupage sign and a rust effect technique on some terracotta pots. I hope you get some value in this video and I will add some more pictures and details of what I made below.

Decoupage is another way to flex your creative muscle. Best of all, you only need some glue, napkins and a brush to achieve this effect.

How to decoupage

How to decoupage?

Decoupage is so much fun and it was one of the first crafty techniques I learned when I first started attending craft workshops. So, What is decoupage? I hear you ask. For me, decoupage is glueing pretty napkins/pictures to items. Now, I am sure there is a much more technical term to this but this is what it means to me. I have used it on hangers and even on some pieces of furniture.

Where do I start with decoupage? 

Pick something pretty to decoupage, if you are beginning I would get something with a flat surface. I used the €1.50 canvas from Dealz as my base. Using a blade, I removed the canvas from the wooden frame. I then painted my frame in the colour “Herbs” before adding decoupage to the canvas.

I gently tore around the image in my napkin and peeled it back to the thinnest layer. The napkin I used was 3ply. I then used the Autentico decoupage glue to apply this to the canvas. You can check out the video to see how I painted it on.

The Autentico decoupage glue has a built-in sealer, so, when it dries you do not need to add any varnish. If your item needs more durability then you can add a layer of sealer but for a piece like mine, you do not need it.

Don’t forget that I have an affiliate discount code with the guys over at Autentico. You can get 10% off your order by using the code DAINTY10 at the checkout.

Autentico decoupage glue
Budget DIY's, decoupage and rust effect technique
Budget DIY's, decoupage and rust effect technique
hack a dollar store frame
Budget DIY's, decoupage and rust effect technique

How to create a faux rust effect?

This is such a fun and easy technique. I used the creative powders from Autentico. This is a much safer way to age an item as you do not need to use harmful chemicals to get a rusty effect. You can see in the video how I transformed some simple terracotta pots into expensive-looking aged pots.

I recently saw something similar in a garden centre and it was so expensive. You can use the creative powders on lamp bases, pots, candle holders, whatever you can get your hands on.  

This could be a fun way to hack something you find in the thrift shop. I used all three colours of the creative powders. I used dark rust, red rust, and gold rust as well as chalk paint in the colours “Nocturnal” and “Oxblood”.

I recommend mixing the different shades of powders to get an authentic rust look. All details on how to get the rust effect are in the video below.

Budget DIY's, decoupage and rust effect technique
Budget DIY's, decoupage and rust effect technique
Autentico rust effect creative powders
Autentico rust effect
Budget DIY's, decoupage and rust effect technique
decoupage rust effect technique
How to get a faux rust effect

Let me know if you have a shot at either decoupage or the rust effect technique. I purposely used some cheaper items from Poundland as it is nice to experiment with new techniques on cheaper items.

You could also get items from the second-hand store. Tag me on Instagram with your crafty makes and please share the video below if you found is valuable. If you enjoyed this post you might also enjoy my other DIY posts which you can find here. 

Thanks for reading, Chat soon, Catherine.

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How to do a faux rust effect
How to decoupage
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