An Easter Baileys Bunny Treat

With Easter coming soon, I thought I would share this easy Easter Baileys bunny treat. I saw these Lindt bunnies in an ad for Baileys at Christmas time.

So, I decided to recreate it for Easter. I picked up a white Lindt bunny in my local supermarket and some strawberries & cream flavoured Baileys.  The bottle does say that it is limited edition but I have seen this flavour for a while now.

Baileys Bunny Treat

It is so simple to make this and you can use strawberry milk instead of Baileys for a non-alcoholic option. Be careful when removing the chocolate ears from your bunny. I warmed my knife by leaving it over the steam from my kettle.

I then gently cut into the ears of the bunny. These bunnies are hollow and once you pop off the ear you can pour in your Baileys. I had a can of whipped cream in the fridge and I used this to fill the top of the bunny.

I then popped in a cute paper straw. You can also get creative and use strawberries or sweets to pop on top of the cream.

Baileys stawberries and cream
An Easter Baileys Bunny Treat
An Easter Baileys Bunny Treat

If you are not a fan of white chocolate then why not use the milk chocolate bunny and fill it with the original baileys.

You could also substitute the Baileys with chocolate milk for a mocktail. These are really easy and fun to make. They would be really nice as a dessert on Easter Sunday.

An Easter Baileys Bunny Treat

I hope you got some inspiration from this post. If you are looking for some more Easter decor ideas, then check out this post here. I also have a YouTube video that I think you will enjoy and I will pop it down below. This video is from 2020.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Let me know if you make your Easter Baileys Bunny Treat!

Thanks for reading, Chat soon, Catherine.



  1. Aline Russell
    March 9, 2021 / 7:13 pm

    I just love EVERYTHING you make ♥️

  2. daintydressdiaries
    April 16, 2020 / 12:55 pm

    AW thank you, that is so kind x

  3. Bb
    April 5, 2020 / 11:40 pm

    I really love your style and asthetic! You are gorgeous and so is you space! Thanks for sharing!

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