DIY Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Box

I love the magic of Christmas Eve. Over the past few years, I have noticed a trend for Christmas Eve boxes. In this post, I am sharing how to make a DIY personalised wooden Christmas Eve box. I made two DIY Christmas eve boxes, one for my niece and one for my nephew. I wanted to make a box that would last for years to come. I chose to use a wooden box as my base and then personalise it with their names. Here is how I created my DIY personalised wooden Christmas Eve box’s.

DIY Christmas Eve Box

Click play on the video below to see how I created my DIY Christmas eve boxes

Here is a link to the boxes I used. Please note, these boxes have gone up in price since I purchased them. You could make boxes yourself or, you can shop around to get them cheaper. 

I painted my boxes in Colourtrend “Cherished White”, and I gave it two coats. The burgundy stencil paint is “Oxblood” by Autentico.

I purchased these personalised stencils from Etsy. Here is a link to the exact shop I ordered off. This shop makes personalised name stencils so you can personalise your box and it looks professional too. If you have a Cricut machine, then you can create stencils using this machine.

DIY Christmas Eve Box 2020 Colourtrend Cherished White Autentico oxblood DIY Personalised Stecils

It took me a few attempts to get the paint to go on correctly when using the stencil. As the stencil had intricate details, I applied thin layers of paint. If you find your stencil is bleeding through, wipe away and start again, and use a thinner layer of paint. I tapped my stencil down to stop it from moving and shifting. I used a roller to apply the wet paint, but you can also use a stencil brush or sponge. I made sure to wash my stencil between applications. 

DIY Christmas Eve Box DIY Christmas Eve Box 2020 DIY Christmas Eve Box 2020

What Goes Inside a Christmas Eve Box?

The list is endless when it comes to items to pop into your DIY Christmas Eve box. I think a Christmas Eve box should be about making memories and feeling cosy. So below are some common items you can put inside. 

  • Pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Favourite snacks
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Colouring book 
  • Boardgame/playing cards
  • Christmas book
  • Christmas movie/ Disney subscription
  • (Over 18!) Alcohol, maybe some DIY Irish Coffee?

DIY Christmas Eve Box DIY Christmas Eve Box

Christmas eve boxes are not just for kids. Why not make one for your friends, and pop in their favourite treats. I know I would love to receive a pamper box on Christmas Eve! I hope you got some inspiration from this week’s post. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you have not done so already. You can also share this post with anyone who might get inspired by it. Click here for more Christmas ideas. 

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