How to make a raised garden bed with legs!

In this post, I am sharing how to make a raised garden bed with legs, perfect for vegetables or planting a floral display.

This year, one of the gifts of lockdown was having the time to grow vegetables. It is my first year growing vegetables, and I have certainly learned a lot.

In May, I planted my carrot seedlings. However, I realised that the container I had them in was too small. I have a small garden, and I didn’t want to create big vegetable beds in the ground. So, I decided to make a raised garden bed that is elevated off the ground for my carrots.

How to make a raised garden bed with legs

Like my other DIY projects, I have put together a YouTube video sharing how I made my raised vegetable bed. I find it easier to follow a video than I do a written post, so I hope you find the video useful. Press play on the video below to see how I created my vegetable planter.

I used treated wood that I picked up from the builder’s yard in B&Q. I prefer the larger B&Q in Liffey Valley, but you can pick up treated wood from most builders providers. I was going to paint my vegetable trug but the Irish rainy weather had other ideas.

If you paint your vegetable bed, make sure to use paint that is low in VOCs as you don’t want any toxins getting into your veg. I also lined the inside of my vegetable bed with garden fabric to help stop the wood from rotting.

How to make a raised garden bed with legs

If you are a beginner to gardening and not sure where to start, check out this blog post. It is full of info for a beginner. You can also check out my veg growing journey on my Instagram.

I have been working with to help people on their veg growing journey. I have a saved highlight on my stories sharing my growing progress.

Growing vegetables in containers

How is your vegetable growing going this Summer? I have managed to grow some peas, I have some courgettes growing and I am hopeful for my carrots. I learned that carrots do not like to be moved, but I have transplanted mine twice.

So, I hope they like their new vegetable bed and they grow. I will keep you posted on their progress. There is something therapeutic about growing your food. I think next year I will plan my veg patches better and possibly plan for a raised bed in the ground.

However, I am really surprised at how little space the plants need to grow and how well they have done in pots and containers. I even have my niece getting the green finger buzz. 

Growing vegetables in Ireland

I hope you enjoyed the video above and got some value from today’s post. Please do share with others if you found this useful.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the thumbs up button if you enjoyed the video. Keep an eye on my channel for a garden update video later in the Summer.

Thanks so much for reading, Chat soon, Catherine.



  1. daintydressdiaries
    April 21, 2021 / 2:00 pm

    I’m so happy to hear that William! Best of luck in the garden, have fun planting 🌺

  2. William
    April 21, 2021 / 1:55 pm

    I am 75 and now live in the USA. I have never done gardening before but your video of the raised planter has given me some ideas. The old can learn from the young.

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