How to drill through ceramic, DIY ceramic clock

Lately, I have been pushing the boundaries with my DIY projects and today I am going to show you how to drill through ceramic and turn it into your very own clock. I had been wanting to drill through china plates for ages but I always got overwhelmed when I would watch a DIY on how to do it. Well, it is much easier than you would expect. I have a Youtube video sharing how to do this and I will pop some pics below. I will also link to the items that I use.

How to drill through ceramic, DIY ceramic​ clock

What you will need

  • A drill and an 8 mm tile and glass drill bit, you can also use a diamond tip drill bit.
  • A vintage plate, the thinner the plate the easier it is to drill through.
  • A clock making kit, I picked up my one off Amazon. You will need a battery to operate your clock.
  • Safety goggles, some tape and a cup of water.

How to drill through ceramic, DIY ceramic​ clock how to drill through a tile How to drill through ceramic DIY Clock making kit

When drilling through a tile or ceramic they key is to keep the drill bit cool and lubricated. I started by adding two pieces of tape to the center of my china plate. This just helps stop the plate from cracking. I then measured the plate to find the center and marked it with a pen. I slowly started to drill through the hole. Make sure to stop every few seconds and dip the tip of the drill bit in your cup of water. You can also add some water to the center of your plate. If your plate gets too hot then it will crack under the pressure. Take your time, this isn’t like drilling through wood. It took me a few minutes to drill through mine. I recommend doing a trial run on a broken piece of china before drilling your final piece. Once you are finished drilling and you have a perfect hole you can then add your clock kit. The one I purchased had instructions on the back. It was easy enough to assemble but do make sure you press the clock hands down firmly. Once you are happy you can add a battery and display your clock.

How to drill through ceramic, DIY ceramic​ clock

How to drill through ceramic, DIY ceramic​ clock How to drill through ceramic, DIY ceramic​ clock

This DIY was a really fun way of recycling old china. If you enjoyed this you might also enjoy my other post where I turned some china cups into teacup candles. You can catch that post here. Let me know if you try this. Comment below or tag me over on Instagram.

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How to drill through a vintage plate


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  1. Janet Byrne
    January 11, 2020 / 3:13 pm

    I am always amazed at how inventive, creative, insightful, and skilled you are… and you are fearless! Whether it is travel, carpentry, sewing, painting, tiling, or decorating, your creativity and skill looks effortless and the results are remarkable! You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for helping me try new skills and for providing a guide to beauty and utility!

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