How to make a Press for champagne sign

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Make your own Press for Champagne sign 

You might have seen these cute press for champagne signs all over Pinterest but did you know there is a restaurant in London that actually has these press for champagne buttons at every table? Bob Bob Ricard in trendy Soho in London has working buttons in their restaurant, I have never been to this restaurant but I think I will pencil it in for the next time I am over in London. I decided to make my very own “Press for champagne” sign for my house. As it is coming into Summer I cannot wait to have more garden parties and I thought this would look perfect on my drinks cart and in the kitchen. This DIY is so quick and easy to do. Like my other DIY’s I have put together a Youtube video for you and I will leave it at the end of this post for you to check out. 

What you will need 

– A frame of your choice, Mine was €1.50 from Dealz/Poundland.

– A vintage doorbell, Mine is from Amazon. 

 – Paper to print on, I used card paper and I picked mine up in Easons. 

– You will need to print onto your card, so, use your printer or use the printer in your local library. 

– Glue gun or glue of your choice. 

– Scissors. 

– Gold paint ( optional ).

I searched everywhere to find an ornate vintage style frame. I checked my usual places, Homesense, Tkmaxx, next, Heatons and Laura Ashley, I just couldn’t find the right frame. I ended up going into Dealz (Poundland in the UK) and I picked up an ornate style mirror for €1.50. I loved this as the back screwed open and it was easy to remove the mirror. 

How to 

I started by removing the packaging from my frame and I unscrewed the back of the mirror. Make sure to pop your screws somewhere safe for when you need to reassemble your frame. The mirror inside this frame was not glued so it was really easy to remove. 

I wanted to add some gold flecks to my frame so it would pick up on the gold doorbell I had picked for my frame. Using a dry brush, I lightly painted over the details of the frame with some gold paint. Using a light hand I feathered the gold paint over the edges and over all of the details. You can get really creative with your frame, you could paint, spray paint or even decoupage yours. 

I put my frame to one side and whilst it was drying I started to work on my backing paper. Using my computer I typed out “Press for champagne” and I made sure to leave enough space between the top and bottom words for my doorbell. Check out my video to get a better look at how I achieved this. Once I was happy with how it was looking I hit the print button. 

I cut my paper to size and I then reassembled my frame. Once assembled I then glued my doorbell using my hot glue gun. Make sure to centre your doorbell when glueing as the hot glue gun dries quickly. Allow the glue to fully dry before you stand your frame up to hang it. 

You can now get creative and have fun styling it around your home. I love this sign because it is a great talking point when you’re having a few pre-drinks in the house with the girls. I am going to use it on my drinks cart and I think I will style it up in the kitchen then as the kitchen is the first place everyone goes when I have people over. 

I hope you enjoyed this week DIY, make sure to check out my Youtube video below and please subscribe if you enjoyed it. Let me know if you give this a try and please tag me or DM me over on Instagram with your pictures. 

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