Knitting and Stitching event.

A fun evening of Stitching!

On Tuesday I went to a fab evening event which was hosted by Great British sewing bee contestant Angeline Murphy, To launch the return of the knitting and stitching show that will be held in the RDS this October. 

You might remember me going their last year and raiding the fabric stands, they also hold classes and last year I done an embroidery workshop at the show. 

The show is on from 20th to the 23rd of October, I love going on the Thursday but this year I will unfortunately be in London so I am going to try go on the Sunday (please leave some fabric for me! don’t buy it all)

The gorgeous Angeline brought some of her pieces from the show, I think my fave has to be the childrens cape, I am in love with the bow. 

Angeline is a home sewer too and puts the glam into sewing. 

The event was held in This is knit which is the cutest knitting supply shop in Powerscourt town center in Dublin. Now I must confess I cannot knit, but if you do then this is the place to visit next time your in Dublin.

We put our sewing skills to the test by customising some cotton tote bags, I went with a cupcake theme for mine, You too could try this as you can pick these cotton bags up cheaply online and print off some templates and play around with fabrics and felt and put your own stamp on a bag, a really fun afternoon craft for kids too.

If you want to have a read more on the knitting and stitching show and what to expect then have a read of this post from last years show. 

Knitting and stitching show 2015

Let me know what you buy! I want to see all of the fab fabrics and yarns. The show is a great opp to find new suppliers too.

Tag me in your pics or share links below to your projects. 

Chat soon,



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