Homeware haul.

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a fun bank holiday, even if the sun wasn’t as shiney as what it was over Easter. 

So this weekend there was a homeware event in my local shopping centre. They have these events every now and again and normally around a bank holiday weekend. 

Majority of my favourite homeware shops participate so was delighted when the offer was on this weekend as I had a lot to buy for my master bedroom that I am currently doing. 

Pic from blanchardstowncentre.ie

The bulk of my loot came from dunnes stores.

I bought this full tea set and got 20% off. Prices before discount are very good at €4/€5 for cup and saucers and milk jug and sugar bowls. 

The tea pot and cake stand was €15 before discount and they were the dearest pieces from the set. 

They have a little home now in this little cabinet that I picked up second hand. 

I love fake flower bouqets, I got these for the master bedroom and just live the little watering can flower. 

The frame at the back was €8 before discount. 

I love this quote and I have a bare white wall in the room so think this will look really strong against it and a daily reminder too. 

€12 before discount .

I picked these for the bedside lockers. They were €15 each before discount and I love the bronze base, I’m not overly mad in the shade so will probably change these, il keep my eye out for some pink floral shabby chic ones. 

I got this little trinket box for the ensuite. Perfect for all those bobby pins that disappear.

It was €12 before discount.

I loved this retro powder room sign for the ensuite, it was €5 before discount. 

This is one of my faves. I love these vintage glass jars.

The 5 litre is on sale in woodies for €14.99. They do come in 8 litre but I don’t think I could lift one of the big ones when full. 

Let me know if you got any bargains over the weekend. 

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Chat soon,

Catherine. .



  1. The dainty dress diaries
    May 7, 2015 / 8:08 am

    Aw thanks Siobhan! I've plain white wall that needed a little sparkle.

  2. Siobhan Wyatt
    May 5, 2015 / 5:58 pm

    Absolutely love the framed poster. Siobhan xx

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