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Welcome to the new look blog everyone.
Hope you like the new look, I wanted to give it a freshen up and make the page look more professional. 

So today I'm sharing a fun upcycle job that I done this week. 

This was probably the most fun and creative upcycle as I could use lots of fun colour and I got to practise making bunting too. 

This candy cart is going to be used at a communion party this weekend, I went with a stripe candy roof in mint green and as it was for a child I wanted to keep it fun and bright. 

In my last sewing class I learnt how to make bunting, so this was my first attempt at making a two metre string bunting. 
As I didn't have enough fabric left from the roof I used some hessian material for the bunting too. 

For the roof I measured out one and a half metres of fabric and sewed a hem all around.
I sewed on little strings so it would tie to the middle wood panel. 

I got some of this netting/tulle material from hickeys and was only €2 a metre. 
I wrapped it around the pillars and them made little bows from the left over stripe material and stuck on with a pin. 

I have the whole cart a quick lick of paint in white gloss just to freshen it up so it would be sparkly clean.

However the cart was not safe from blondie who as always, done a little quality control on the ribbons. 

Let me know what you think of the new blog look. 
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Chat soon. 


  1. Oh Catherine the mint colour is just gorgeous. Good job!
    Siobhan xx

    1. aw thanks Siobhan and thanks for commenting, xx

  2. This is lovely! You always have the most beautiful things!

    Corinne x


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